Belly Dance Choreography Classes in Ahmedabad

Belly Dance: Basics and 1 Song Choreography
Want to learn belly dancing? Take the course and let our experts help you learn the basics of belly dancing. Enroll and do belly dancing in no time.


  • Introductions and greetings.
  • Learn about Belly dance, its type and its history.
  • How to warm up before doing Belly dance.
  • Basic steps, hand postures, hand and foot movement.
  • learn about exercises that can strengthen your core.
  • Learn about the seven core Families of Movement that create Belly Dance: Lifts and Drops, Slides, Shimmy, Twists, Circle, Figure 8’s, Undulations.
  • Using the rhythm.
  • Using everything learn to perform 1 songs in our guidance.


  • Get good speakers and turn up the sounds.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Good open space so as to move freely while dancing.
  • Any music suitable to belly dance.
  • You need to have a particular level of fitness to start belly dancing and not put your safety at risk.

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