Belly Dance Choreography Classes in Ahmedabad

Want to learn belly dancing? Take the course and let our experts help you learn the basics of belly dancing. Enroll and do belly dancing in no time.


  • Introductions and greetings.
  • Learn about Belly dance, its type and its history.
  • How to warm up before doing Belly dance.
  • Basic steps, hand postures, hand and foot movement.
  • learn about exercises that can strengthen your core.
  • Learn about the seven core Families of Movement that create Belly Dance: Lifts and Drops, Slides, Shimmy, Twists, Circle, Figure 8’s, Undulations.
  • Using the rhythm.
  • Using everything learn to perform 1 songs in our guidance.


  • Get good speakers and turn up the sounds.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Good open space so as to move freely while dancing.
  • Any music suitable to belly dance.
  • You need to have a particular level of fitness to start belly dancing and not put your safety at risk.

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