Chemistry Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Class 11

Do you find Chemistry a boring subject ? Let's change your view . Here we are providing the excellent home tutor who will turn the boring subject into interesting one. The home tutor will teach you that how to keep the subject on tips.

Matter in our surrounding
  • Unit 1: Evaporation & condensation
  • Unit 2: Effect of Heat and Pressure
  • Unit 3: Is Matter Around Us Pure?
  • Unit 4: Classification of Matter
Solutions, suspensions and their separation
  • Unit 5: Solution and Suspension
  • Unit 6: Separation of Solid Mixture
  • Unit 7: Separation of Liquid Mixture
  • Unit 8: Separation of Soluble Solution and separation of insoluble solutions
Atoms, molecules & mole concept
  • Unit 9: Atoms and Molecules
  • unit 10: Basic Units of Matter
  • Unit 11: Laws of Chemical Combination
  • Unit 12: Atomic Mass and Molecules
  • Unit 13: Mole Concept
Structure of atom and nucleus
  • Unit 14: Structure of the Atoms
  • Unit 15: Model of An Atom
  • Unit 16: Discovery of Nucleus
  • Unit 17: Distribution of Electron and Parameters of an Atom

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Class 11 Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Chemistry

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