Computer Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Class 4

Computer Science for Class 4
Computer helps students in becoming active learners in classrooms. Also its applications help them in accomplishing faster goals. Computers home tuitions for this subject are also available which help student in becoming a smart kid. The CBSE computer syllabus for class IV is scheduled keeping in mind well-defined educational norms and standards.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Computer course for Grade IV for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The computer home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise computer course curriculum for class IV is as following:

Unit 1

  • What is computer? Knowing Hardware and Software
  • Knowing Input Devices, Knowing Output
  • Devices, Inside the CPU Box, Secondary StorageDevices, Supporting Devices
  • Change the wallpaper and the screen saver, change the time and date of you computer, demonstration of different parts of computer
Unit 2

  • What is an Operating System? What is Windows? Understanding Desktop, Understanding Task bar, Knowing Start Menu, Understanding MyComputer Icon, Understanding Recycle Bin, Shut Down Windows Creating a folder, Rename and Delete
  • A file or folder, RecycleBin, Know the various versions of MS- Windows
Unit 3

  • What is Computer Network? What is Internet? World Wide Web, What does Web consist of? Uses of Internet, Understanding Web
  • Sites, Getting Connected to Web
  • Surfing the Web, Understanding
  • Hyperlinks, Anatomy of a Web
  • How to create an email-id and send an e-mail
  • To search information using Search Engines
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word, What is MS-Word?
  • What is Word Processing? What can you do with MS-Word?
  • Exploring MS- Word Window, Entering Text, Editing the Text
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Saving the Document, Printing the Document
  • Formatting Text with MS-Word
Unit 4

  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, Know about MS- Powerpoint
  • Exploring Powerpoint, Window, Creating Your First Presentation
  • Adding Text, Knowing Slide Layout, Inserting a New
  • Slide, Knowing Powerpoint Views, Moving from Slide to Slide
  • Saving your Presentation, Formatting the Text, Run the Slide Show

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