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In grade 11 course, you develop your literary, communicative, and creative thinking skills by reading a lot of literature and poetry. You continue analysing challenging literary texts from different sources such as periods and journals in different countries, and cultures. Also you learn to use the language with precision and clarity. This course prepares you for the Grade 12 university course.

Session-wise curriculum:

The course curriculum is divided into five units which are as following:

Oral Communication

This chapter ensures you learn the skills of listening as well as note-taking, while making presentation skills. You also need to listen to the inspiring stories of people who started their lives in new lands and then you need to submit a presentation.


Here students study different kinds of poems and discuss poetry forms, styles and devices of poems.

Shakespeare - Macbeth

The language and themes of Shakespeare's Macbeth is explored by students in this chapter. They also learn about skills pertaining to planning, organizing, drafting, revising, and polishing a literary essay.

Novel Study

This unit incorporates reading two novels including Ayn Rand's Anthem and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.They explore different kinds of historical and political contexts of writers here.

Media Studies

Here students learn the art of understanding different varieties of media texts which are used for different kinds of audiences.

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