Hindi Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Class 3

Hindi has a major role to play in our school system it being the mother language of our country. However, when you start studying this subject, you do face many doubts. At this point of time, the role of Hindi home tutors comes who help you to resolve all your doubts by following innovative strategies. The CBSE Hindi complete syllabus for class III is scheduled keeping in mind well-defined educational norms and standards.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Hindi home tutors keep the syllabus of the NCERT, CBSE and state boards in mind while teaching the students of class II.Hindi is being taught going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise complete Hindi course for class II is as following :

Chapter 1-4

  • Sangya (Noun)
  • Animals and birds name
  • Party
  • flowers name
Chapter 5-8

  • Gender
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Swar & vyanjan
Chapter 9-12

  • One word replacement
  • Sports name and equipment
  • Tree's name and their significance
  • Name of household equipment
Chapter 13-16

  • Word making
  • What comes after
  • Animal names
  • Story book reading

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