Kindergarten Classes in Ahmedabad

Academics to Kindergarten has a significant role in students’ life. It helps students to take baby steps towards the full-fledged school curriculum. Home tuitions for academics to Kindergarten are available which build a foundation base for kids where they learn more about basic subjects.

Session wise Curriculum:

Academics to Kindergarten course curriculum runs parallel along with the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The home tutors for Academics to Kindergarten teach basics while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise course curriculum for Academics to Kindergarten is as following:


Introduction of Pre-writing skills:

  • Standing Line
  • Sleeping Line
  • Slanting Line

Introduction of letters:

  • Circle the correct letter
  • Match the letter with the correct picture
  • Write the first letter of the picture

Introduction of shape:

  • Circle
  • Square

Triangle Introduction of shape:

  • Rectangle
  • Semi-Circle Oral Counting
  • WrittenNumbers 1- 10
  • Oral Counting: 1 - 20
  • Value- Number
  • Match the correct

Introduction of shape:

  • Oral Counting
  • Match the correct Number
  • Count and Circle
  • Match the correct Number
  • EVS Introduction of Colours

Introduction of concept:

  • MySelf
  • Senses
  • My School
  • Summer Season
  • Rainy Season
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Independence Day

  • Domestic Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Water Animals

Pre-Number Concept

  • Big-Small
  • Thick- Thin
  • Tall - Short
  • In - Out
  • Odd One Out