Social Science Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Class 9

Foraying into facts of subjects like geography, civics and history, Social Studies subject in class IX takes a student the world of knowledge. The students can seek help from Social Studies home tutors who help them in resolving all their doubts pertaining to historical facts, geographical grounds and civics base. The Social Studies home tuitions for class IX helps students in knowing more about their subjects to ensure they score better.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Social Studies home tutors follow the guidelines of respective boards and keep the syllabus of the NCERT and CBSE in mind while teaching the kids.The subject is being taught to students going along with the school syllabus given by different boards. Tentative session wise complete Social Studies course for class IX is as following:


  • Nazism and the rise of Hitler
  • Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
  • The French revolution
  • Forest Society and Colonialism Pastoralists in the Modern World

  • Peasants and Farmers
  • History and sport
  • The story of Cricket
  • Clothing. A Social History

  • Democracy in the contemporary World
  • What is the Democracy? Why Democracy?
  • Constitutional design

  • Electoral politics
  • Working of institutions
  • Democratic rights

  • India -Size, Location, and its features
  • Drainage
  • Climate, Natural Vegetation, and wildlife
  • Population, Food security in India
  • People As Resource
  • Poverty as a challenge
  • The story of village

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Class 9 Home Tutor in Ahmedabad for Social Science

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