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10 Amazing Achievements of ISRO | Yes we launched 104 satellites


Indian Space Research Organization has made the nation proud by its various achievements. Started in 1969, this organization has reached various milestones. As a result, space technology in India has reached new heights through the amazing achievements of ISRO.

Let’s have a look at 10 amazing achievements of ISRO:

  1. Satellite Launch Vehicle

The Satellite Launch Vehicle was launched under the able guidance of APJ Abdul Kalam. Furthermore, the SLV project was an achievement in the early 1970s. The first Indian satellite built entirely in India in 1975 was Aryabhatta.

    2. Chandrayaan

In 2008, the first space mission to the moon was made by India with the launch of Chandrayaan. Most importantly, it was used to study the topography covering the Earth.

     3. Bacteria species

Three bacteria species that have a high resistance to the UV-rays were found in the earth’s upper stratosphere, in 2009 by ISRO.

    4. PSLV-C21 rocket

In the year 2012,  ISRO launched its 100th space mission and used the PSLV-C21 rocket which placed two satellites in the Earth’s orbit.

5. Mars Orbiter Mission

ISRO successfully launched  Mars Orbiter Mission also known as MOM using PSLV-XL In 2013 and it was one of the biggest achievements of ISRO.

6. Reaching Mars

In 2014, India was able to reach Mars successfully at its very first attempt. Notably, only three other space organizations have been able to achieve this. They are NASA, the European Space Program and the Soviet Space Program.


ISRO launched  GLSV MK3 in 2014 which is a crew capsule that can take human beings to space.

8. Launching 104 Satellites Together

ISRO launched 104 satellites using a single rocket from spaceport Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. Notably, it achieved this record with the help of six other nations using the PS: V-C37 in 2017. Moreover, it launched 31 satellites in a single stroke. These satellites were from various countries like UK,  U.S., and Germany.

9. GSLV-F09

ISRO launched GSLV-F09 in the year 2017. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark-II made use of Cryogenic Upper Stage. Most noteworthy, it helped to provide one of the biggest communication networks in South Asia.

10. Navigation with Indian Constellation

India has been using the NAVIC or Navigation with Indian Constellation for operations. With this, it makes India one of the top 5 countries to own a navigation system. Furthermore, Reusable Launch Vehicle’s (RLV) are space shuttles from ISRO, which have been built most economically and can be reused as space shuttles.

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