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10 amazing earth facts you definitely don’t know

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How much do you know about our planet Earth? If you know at least half of the following amazing earth facts, then you can be considered to have a good knowledge. Let’s get started.

10 amazing earth facts

amazing earth facts

  1. The only planet which is not named after the Roman Gods

    5 planets in our solar system (excluding Uranus, Neptune, and Earth) were in ancient times, named after the Roman Gods. Venus is the only planet named after a female Roman Goddess. Discovery of Uranus and Neptune was late because they were not visible from the naked eye in ancient times, however, they were also named after the Roman Gods. Earth is the only planet left without being named after a god.

  2. We live on the densest planet in the entire solar system

    Earth has the highest density among all the planets which is about 5.52 gm/cubic meters.

  3. 5 layers of atmosphere:

    Earth has 5 layers of atmosphere that are Troposphere, the Ozone layer, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere respectively. The atmosphere of earth extends up to 150 km.

  4. Atmospheric composition

    The atmosphere of Earth is composed of 78% oxygen, 21% of nitrogen, 1% of carbon dioxide and other gases.

  5. Earth’s core temperature and sun’s surface temperature are pretty much the same

    Earth’s temperature at its core is as high as the sun’s surface temperature. For every 1 km, we go deep into the earth, the temperature rises by 15-degrees Celcius. The temperature at the core is 6000-degrees Celcius. And, the sun’s surface temperature is about 5500 degrees Celcius.

  6. Earth’s shape is not entirely spherical

    That earth is round was proposed very early by several ancient societies from general observations. Isac Newton was the first to propose that the earth is not a perfect sphere. It is an oblate spheroid, a shape that is flat on the poles and stretched horizontally. This is indeed true and has been proved. If we measure the distance from the earth’s center to the north or south pole, and the distance from the center to the equator, we will find a difference of 21 km in the two figures. Suggesting that the distance to the equator is greater.

  7. We are constantly traveling at the speed 67 km per hour

    If you watch a movie for 2 hours sitting in one place, you would have traveled 134 km. That is because the Earth’s revolution speed is 67 km per hour. I bet you didn’t think it this way.

  8. We now have more than 24 hours in a day

    Due to Tidal effects of the Moon, earth’s rotation speed is gradually slowing down. We have 2.3 milliseconds more in a day than we did back in the 18th century.  One of my favorite amazing earth facts, just wait for a few more centuries and procrastinators will have more time to waste in a day.

  9. How old is the earth?

    Earth is 4.54 billion years old according to the radiometric age-dating. And, it is considered as a young plant, we still have about as much time left. Before earth dies, I am pretty sure humans would render it unlivable and would have moved to mars (it’s about to happen in 100 years or less).

  10. Is moon a part of the Earth?

    There are theories suggesting the formation of the moon but none of them are a 100%. However, the most reliable theory supporting the moon formation is the Giant-Impact Hypothesis. Since the moon has same oxygen isotopes as the Earth’s, it is believed that an object (most likely a planet called Theia) collided with Earth and shot up the debris into space and formed the moon. That is why scientists have been able to find a lot of similarities in the composition of the moon and the Earth.

If you think these amazing earth facts are indeed amazing, then leave a comment down below and share this with your friends.

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