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These 10 extracurricular activities in resume will land you your dream job

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Though deciding on a college degree can be tough, even the clubs and the activities that you should sign up for is maddening. Everybody wants to have a list of extracurricular activities to impress their future employers or landing their dream job but how would you know what are the employers looking for or what kind of a job would you want in future? Don’t worry we have got you sorted by listing a number of activities that would prove to be fruitful for any career path that you might choose. These extracurricular activities in resume will get you your dream job.

10 extracurricular activities in resume will land you your dream job

  1. Orating/Debating competition

    These are not just politically minded, public speaking is a skill anybody can use anywhere. Public speaking helps us in putting our points forth, understanding different perspectives and honing our orating skills. It reduces the fear of being judged on a platform. There are a lot of benefits of participating in debates in university. One of them, its practical. Employers nowadays look for employers who possess practical skills. Employers want people who can think on their feet, express complex ideas verbally and who not only identify problems but solve them. These skills are not only developed in the college debates but also honed to an extent. Debates are real and recognisable skills that every employer notices and it isn’t just a resume item. Debating competitions as a part of your extracurricular in resume can be really helpful.

  2. Social service

    No matter what you do in life, social service will always impress employers that you took out time from your life and helped others. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment and your selflessness will also be appreciated. Social service could be anything such as teaching your maid’s children or working in an NGO. In fact, I’d recommend that participating in various public service opportunities can actually help you know as to what you’re passionate about. Working on global platforms such as AIESEC can help you gain a sense of leadership and trust from others. You meet people from different parts of the world and communities and help them understand our culture and vice versa. It improves your communication and social networking skills which will really help you gel with people in the long run.

  3. A club that will relate to your major in future

    Even if you have the slightest idea as to what you want to do in future, then you should definitely join an organisation or a club related to it. For instance, as somebody who wanted to go for print journalism, becoming a magazine editor in the annual college magazine made the most sense in terms of extracurricular activities in resume. Not only you will have immense fun with like-minded people but also you will gain a lot of experience for your future job. Furthermore, these pre-professional groups can change your perspective about your majors. Maybe by joining a marketing club, you have real fun and you decide to do majors in that field.

  4. School newspaper/magazine

    Writing for your school magazine sharpens not only sharpens your writing and editing skills but you will also learn critical thinking and the ability to work under tight deadlines which are the most basic in any workplace. And your majors doesn’t matter, anybody can write for the school magazine, and sometimes they even pay. kudos. Writing for magazines can land you your summer internships and also you can be a part of the editing team where you will learn the basics of editing and print layout. These extracurricular activities in resume will give you an edge over other candidates in your job.

  5. Be a peer tutor

    Peer tutors are not always majors’ students, peer tutors are regular students pursuing a ton of courses. You can tutor any subject that you are good at, and at most schools, you will either be paid or given course credit for. Students will appreciate your help and employers can see how effectively you can explain challenging concepts to others. It also makes your confident about the subject and shows that you have the initiative to do something. It looks great on your resume and such extracurricular activities in resume can be very useful for graduation college applications. By teaching peers, you show your employers that you are ready to go the extra mile and help others.

  6. Career services platform/career services program

    Most schools have a career services centre to help students seek internships and jobs and mostly they employ students as interns to help recruit others. You get to learn about all the different types of job and it shows how driven and professional you are. Working in such centres can help you network with a lot of people and find your internships for your majors. Such extracurricular in resume can prove to be very helpful in impressing your employers.

  7. Be a tour guide or an orientation leader or handle university work

    If you are somebody who loves school, then go ahead with this. You will be enthusiastic about other people and get students excited about college. For employers, it will be a plus point that you stepped up for a leadership position. These positions make you very competitive as how you represented your school, companies think you can represent them as well. You hone your creative skills as you have to design advertisements and attract people. Forever, you learn time management and planning skills. Such extracurricular activities in resume can really take you to places one day.

  8. Be a resident mentor

    Being a resident mentor not only reduces or even covers your housing cost but besides that Resident Assistant can teach you how to handle a profusion of issues, from roommates ugly fights to illegal substance use. You learn various skills such as counselling, conflict management, leadership etc. This extracurricular activity in resume can really impress employers no matter what job you’re applying for. The position in itself looks great on a resume as it shows a lot of responsibility involved. So to me, it sounds like a great resume builder plus its pretty cool experience.

  9. Join a sports club

    Any employer would be impressed to see your competitive nature, being a part of the sports club. When you learn a sport, you learn critical ability and problem-solving skills and also how to defend yourself. You can link it with your job. This extracurricular activity in resume can be very helpful if you know how to link it. Also, playing a sport shows that you can excel at other things as well and you are not just inclined towards your studies. Sounds like an all-rounder to me.

  10. Anything that you’re passionate about

    If you really want to enjoy your college, then go ahead and do what you love. College clubs are meant to boost your zeal and channelise your energy towards things you love. Even though education is the most important part of college, but college years are supposed to be the happiest. In the end, its very important join something that you like rather than something which looks good on your resume. And on campus activities are the best way to know what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Finally, go ahead and try your hands on something out of your comfort zone, meet people of varied interests and backgrounds and try things that you wouldn’t normally do. May be you get to know what you love. And without a doubt, you will learn important and unexplored skills along the way.

    We get to learn so much on different platforms we think are not important but that’s not true, even the smallest of things can teach us the greatest of lessons. Such extracurricular activities in resume can make you stand differently form others.


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