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10 Healthy New Year Resolutions To Change Your Life

Deepanwita Dey 0

New years are known for celebrating new beginnings. Forgetting about your past failures, repenting your mistakes and celebrating whatever you have achieved till date. Thinking about the upcoming year full of possibilities and opportunities fills you with a new wave of enthusiasm and excitement. Your head starts to spin and you start on thinking about the new year resolutions that you clearly failed to keep last year but are determined to keep this year. So why not start this year with a positive and healthy note?  A healthy lifestyle will bring tranquillity to your mind and body and help you take good decisions. Good decisions and healthy relationships will bring immense joy and happiness…So, here are 10 Healthy New Year Resolutions that can change your life this year…


  1. Control your Body Weight!

If you are very lean and thin and your BMI (Body Mass Index) tells you that you are underweight, then try to rise up to the normal range. Increase your weight by getting some quality sleep, eating nutritious food, not drinking water before your meals (so that you can intake more calories…) and drinking milk. However, if your BMI says that you are overweight or obese then you really need to cut some of that fat brimming in your body and lose weight, as it might have many unhealthy repercussions in the future. So, this new year try controlling your body weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Go for Morning Walk daily.

Morning walks are the best way to start your days. It not only relaxes your agitated nerves but the peaceful air and a fresh wave of Oxygen calms your mind and body. You feel happy and your day is eventually very productive. So, wake up early, grab those sports shoes and go for a pleasant walk or jogging daily. Make this upcoming year happy and productive.




  1. Exercise daily.

Your schedule will always be jam packed with no air to breathe. So, it’s up to you to free a half-an hour slot and exercise. It will help ease your physical and mental tension and maintain a healthy body weight. Exercising will relieve your stress and anxiety and help you get into good mood. You will feel more energetic and enthusiastic.



  1. Follow a healthy diet plan

Always have a balanced diet. Eat all kinds of nutritious food that include carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals. This will help prevent unwanted illnesses and diseases and keep you as healthy as a horse so that you have the most productive year ever. You can drink fresh fruit juice in the morning, buttermilk in the afternoon and warm milk in the night. Eat more in the morning and very less for your dinner.




  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

Water is the best and the easiest way to maintain healthy weight and a good lifestyle. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It will keep your body hydrated and help remove all the harmful toxins and fluids from your body. Avoid drinking refrigerated and ice cold water at any costs. Always try to drink lukewarm water and try drinking water just 40 minutes before your meal and 60 to 90 minutes after it. Don’t drink water in between meals.


  1. Stop being lethargic.

Plan an appropriate schedule according to your needs and stick to it. Make sure to devote time for your physical work out, your timely meals and quality sleep. Do not take afternoon naps right after having your lunch. This new year make sure to strictly follow your schedule down to the very last word. Because, a wise person once said –

“Work while you work,
Play while you play,
This is the way
To be happy each day.”


  1. Avoid eating junk!

Who does not crave a little cheese burger or that one small slice of pizza?  Whether it be yummy cheese sandwiches or your mixed pakoras and samosas, all your deep fired, cheesy and spicy food are unhealthy as they contain saturated fats, sugars, artificial colours and preservatives and loads of bad cholesterol. Avoid eating junk, heavily fried, oily and spicy food. Substitute your white flour, salt and sugar with healthier and nutritious food. If you crave them too much and cannot quit them altogether, then at least abstain yourself from ordering them, not more than once a month or a fortnight. This will also help you save some money and get that much required and very expensive headphones (or anything for that matter) that you have longed for since ages.


  1. Relax and Breathe!

Nothing can be gained by taking too much stress. Stress only increases your mental pressure and badly affects your thoughts and feelings. Stress can contribute to many health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. So just sit back and relax! Make this year beautiful and memorable by relieving yourself of all stress and anxiety. You need to know that things will eventually sort themselves out and everything is going to be just fine. So, relax and breathe! Be happy!


  1. Quit Smoking!

The ill effects of smoking are not a new idea that anybody is unaware of. The warnings flashed before every movie, t v series and commercial is very true to the last bit. “Smoking causes Cancer! Smoking Kills!” So, get those nicotine patches, sugar free gums and candies and this year quit smoking. Think about your loved ones, your family and all your unachieved goals and ambitions and aspire for a long, healthy and lovely life by quitting Smoking!


  1. Cut back on Alcohols

Long term drinking can ruin your life in minutes. So, before it gets out of hand, back-off right now! Cut on those daily shots and drinks which can result in sudden brain damage, blackouts, memory loss and anxiety. Prevent those bad repercussions by cutting back on drinking right now. Don’t be so harsh to your liver and spare your brain and heart from the bad effects of alcohol!


As beautifully written by Aditya Chattopadhyay, start this new year by repeating –

“Here comes the New Year,

And it’s time to take resolutions.

For I promise to be sincere,

And bring in me a revolution.”


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