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10 shocking/interesting space facts. 3rd will leave you stunned

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From the largest star to thousands of new worlds out there, lets discuss some of the most interesting space facts. Do you know that our sun is like a pebble in front of the biggest star out there in space. Lets find out about such stars and planets and more.

10 interesting space facts you did not know

  1. The Biggest/Largest Star

    The biggest/largest star known at this time is UY Scuti with the estimated radius of 1708 solar radii and a volume of nearly about 5 billion times our sun. UY Scuti has surpassed all the stars, Canis Majoris being one of them and has topped the list.

  2. Size of the sun takes up more than 99% of the solar system

    The size of the sun literally takes up 99% of the solar system and the rest is divided amongst the planets, comets, asteroids and gases and dust. If you think this is one of the most interesting space facts, then don’t forget to share it amongst your friends and family on the coming festive meets.

  3. The moons of other planets and (ours)

    There are more than 150 moons in our solar system and some are yet to be discovered. Of all the planets, Jupiter and Saturn have the most number of moons whereas Venus and Mercury have none. Pluto, which is smaller than our own moon has 5 moons revolving around its orbit. Asteroids can also have moons. Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, is the largest moon in our solar system with a diameter of 5262 kilometers. It is greater than Mercury and Pluto and could have been referred to as a planet if it was orbiting around sun. This makes it one of the most interesting space facts.

  4. Titan has its own atmosphere

    Titan comes second in the race of largest moons in the solar system. And interestingly it has its own atmosphere, 90 percent of which is nitrogen and the rest is methane and other gases. What makes Titan, the moon of Saturn, appear in the list of interesting space facts is, that it has water bodies as well but of liquid hydrocarbons.

  5. Mount Everest is not the highest peak

    Yes it shocked me too, learning that the highest peak is not Mount Everest and its Olympus Mons which is on Mars. And it is the highest known mountain known to the mankind, with a whopping height of 24 kms which makes it twice as tall as Earth’s Mount Everest.

  6. Number of stars VS number of sand grains on Earth

    Can you believe that, the number of stars in the universe are way more than the number of grains of sand on all the beaches of Earth. And that is innumerable or lets say some trillions. Its like the more you know about space the more interesting it becomes. Don’t stop here because there are some more interesting space facts coming your way.

  7. Hottest planet on solar system

    The hottest planet on solar system is Venus, and not Mercury. We often tend to think that Mercury being the closest to sun is the hottest among all the planets but that’s not true since Venus has a lot of gases in its atmosphere, which causes the greenhouse effect.

  8. The great Red Spot on Jupiter

    The great red spot on Jupiter has been raging since 186 years. The suggestions says that this red storm could be existing since three and  half centuries. It circulates anti-clockwise and takes six earth days to complete one rotation. Share this fact with your friends and let us also know if you get to find out about its red color.

  9. Your tears do not fall in space

    Crying, not crying. Yes, you read it right. Even if you cry in space, your tears would not fall because of no gravity but you would still experience the emotions though.

  10. The moon has no atmosphere

    The moon has no atmospheric conditions such i.e. it is safe from cosmic rays, meteorites etc. Also, because there is no atmosphere, no sound can be heard on moon.

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