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10 interesting team building activities for students

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Are you a team player? is a question that you must come across in almost every interview. Working as a team is also a skill not everyone can master, because of your ego, lack of coordination, incompatibility, or more than one of these reasons. If one does not have an ego issue and is willing to work with others without being selfish about who will get the credit, he then experiences the most common challenge of working in a team. That challenge is, getting everybody on the same page, at the same speed. Working as a team requires you to depend on others for a lot of things, and you have to make sure that you get what you need from others in the desired time, in order to progress in a teamwork. Doing that requires leadership skills, a team without a leader is headed nowhere, no one will deliver their share of work on time, the team as a whole will always waste more time than it can afford, that is why every team needs a leader. So, how do we impart these two crucial skills in children from an early age, so that they learn how to get the job done, how to say “we” instead of “I”? I will share with you some of the best team building activities for students that are fun to play and provide crucial lessons along the way.

10 of best team building activities for students:

  1. ClassifyTeam building activities for students

    So a new session at school just started, every child gets a new section with different students so that they could get to know each other and make new friends. Some new students also joined that year. Now, this is where this game comes in as an icebreaker game. Make the students tell something about themselves and also let everyone know their hobbies, interests, where do they live, etc. After the session, children find it fairly comfortable to start a conversation with each other. Because now they have a common interest to start a conversation on. Those who live nearby will start to hang out, those who like swimming will probably go swimming together, and they will all start to get along.

  2. ZoomTeam building activities for students

    Zoom is played to teach the students how to communicate and collaborate with each other. Make the students for a circle, give each one of them a picture. The picture could be anything, animal, place, celebrity, etc. Then, one student will have to create a story about what is going on in the picture he is holding. The student next to him will have to continue the story, but should involve the scene that is depicted in his own picture that he is holding. In this way, one story will get continued and cover all the pictures with the students. Students will have to think of creating a story, that should form a logical sequence of the previous story, and should also include his own picture.

  3. Extempore and a listening testTeam building activities for students

    Almost every person wants to stay away from extempore but it is actually really helpful to impart quick thinking and communication skills. In addition to these, you can also include a test of good listening. A student has to speak on a random topic (something interesting) and then the person next to him will have to answer some questions related to the first person’s speech. If he is able to answer those questions, that means he is a good listener which is in itself a big skill you must have. Make sure you don’t include serious or boring topics for extempore, the activity is supposed to be fun.

  4.  Design the logoTeam building activities for students

    This is an activity that teaches the students to work together, present their own ideas and be on the same page within the set time. Divide the students into groups 3 or 4, give them an image of a unique product, or they can be similar and asked them to create a logo for the products company. The logo should not be an already existing brand. Assign them a time of 20 minutes and let them brainstorm for new ideas, and they should also be able to justify as to why did they create a particular logo. One of those team building activities for students that really challenge their minds to come up with creative stuff.

  5. Worst case scenarioTeam building activities for students

    Cook up a story which involves a group in danger. For instance, 10 people visite an island and find giant ants, and their boat takes heavy damage. Divide them into groups of 5, and ask them to come up with a solution that ensures the safety of all the persons, and an escape plan. And how do they fix the boat using the resources the island has to offer. Give each group 20 minutes to come up with ideas and then discuss. You can also modify the game to make more challenging. One of the most challenging, yet fun team building activities for students.

  6. Solve the mysteryTeam building activities for students

    Another great problem-solving activity is ‘solve the mystery’. You can create a suspense story or search for the same online. Make a number of clues, hand them over to the students in the groups. The clues put together will unlock small mysteries and finally help them to uncover the plot of the story. Every student in one group will have to work with each other, connect the dots together from their clues and solve the mystery. It is always fun and a great learning experience.

  7. Night TrailTeam building activities for students

    Divide the students into groups of 5, make a course with small obstacles that a person has to walk blindfolded. One person from the group will walk the course, only by listening to the team members’ instructions. The team member has to make sure they do not confuse the person by speaking at the same time, also, to convey their instructions in an effective manner, so that the person clears the course without touching the obstacles. It is a great to teach coordination, communication and trust building.

  8. Tug of warTeam building activities for students

    Old is gold. All you need is a rope and 2 teams pulling hard to vanquish one another. This will make the students understand the difference between working alone and working as a team. A team with dedicated and hard-working members can do so much more than a hard working person alone can. Also, if one single person loses the sure footing, he could compromise the whole team.

  9. Build somethingTeam building activities for students

    Divide the students into groups of 5, give them supplies to build something from the scratch. Don’t tell them exactly what they have to build. Just tell them to work together and think of building something from the stuff we just gave you. It could be as simple as a house of cards, paper mache toys, a utility box, etc. This will impart problem-solving skills and coordination among the teammates.

  10. Egg dropping gameTeam building activities for students

    Students have to make such an egg holder that prevents an egg from breaking if we drop it from 5 feet. You can divide them into groups, and provide them with stuff like bubble wrap, cardboard, double-sided tape, glue, etc. Each group has to come up with a good holder and then later they can demonstrate it by dropping them. This would be one of my favorite team building activities for students.

These were some of best fun team building activities for students, they will just love playing it.

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