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10 Things to Utilise Your Childs Time Effectively

Abhipsa Panda 0

Childhood is the stage of life from birth to puberty. This stage witnesses physical and psychology developments at a great pace. This calls out parents to wonder how to provide their children a perfect combination of nature and nurture.

It is important to raise, socialize and educate our children, though the ultimate goal of all the parents is to provide their children comfort and happiness. And for the same, the most vital thing to do is to communicate well with them. One of the solutions to maintain a friendly relation with kids is utilizing their free time to entertain-cum-teach them.

We bring you a list of such activities:

1. Cooking:

things to utilise your childs time

Cooking is a skill that will help children throughout their lifetimes. Though learning it will need a constant eye over them and to look after the safety measure but still, there are things that they can help with. Spooning ingredients, sprinkling, and stirring, Washing, Kneading, and Greasing etc. are some such activities.

2. Painting:

things to utilise your child's time

There are painting books available in the market that come with the already printed animations. Parents can sit along with them to give them the knowledge of colours. Painting is an excellent hobby, because childhood is a stage where children are flexible to learn just anything. Painting can be one such activity.

3. Gardening:

things to utilise your childs time

Teaching today’s generations the love for nature is something very much essential in this industrializing era, I believe. Kids learn moral values. Tasks like watering, seeding, digging etc activities can be conducted by them. This way, they develop love for their plants. they also learn endurance, patience and to wait to reap fruits.

4. Scrapbooking:

things to utilise your childs time

Creativity can be effectively be boosted by designing scrapbooks. A scrapbook is be made with pictures of anything like traveling, cooking, stamps, childhood memories, currencies and much more. In this world full of memory storage in a digital device, scrapbooking can help one to learn traditions. It’s always great to be nostalgic while viewing scrapbook once we grew up.

5. Atlas:

things to utilise your childs time

How amazing it is to learn to locate places around the world! May that is Atlas of states, countries, famous places etc. There is so much to learn about Atlas. And teaching kids’ atlas can be fun by learning them semantically.

6. Crafting:

things to utilise your childs time

Clay-Crafting, Paper Crafting, Egg Cartons are another way to work on the creativity of children. In fact, many children love crafting. This enhances accuracy, concentration and keeps children engaged. The parents can assess the creative skills of their kids.

7. Library Visits:

things to utilise your childs time

It’s always great to develop this habit of reading in kids. A great hobby idea, reading improves knowledge, exposes you to the world, helps you to concentrate on many other such benefits. Educational books, fiction, comics etc are some types of books for children.

8. Movie Afternoons:

things to utilise your childs time

Watching movies don’t always have to be during the rain. It feels good to be cuddled in a sofa in a sunny warm afternoon with your kids. Check out Qriyo App to learn about the movies children must watch.

9. Chinese Whispers:

things to utilise your childs time

Games like Chinese whispers is played as a party game. Along with providing amusement, the game also teaches how easily a message gets corrupted. It teaches kids to modulate their voices and the best part is, the game has no winner.

10. Musical Instruments:

things to utilise your childs time

One more talent or you may say skill, can be teach is playing musical instruments. Music has a great power to soothe and provide harmony. Music doesn’t always have to do with vocals. There are numerous musical instruments you must learn in order to increase the length of your skills’ list.
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