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15 Best Blogs About Books to follow

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Books are one of the best resources to get inspired, motivated and updated. Books have the magical power to enlighten your imaginary instinct. They may lift you up to the world of great imaginations. At the same time, these are the best means to express yourself in the best way. The various books on different or the same topic creates a lot of excitement and make you feel great. Now the question arises- how to identify and choose the best book of your choice with the best content from the big rack of books. In this situation, blogs about books help you a lot in finding new reads, reviews, etc. Here I would like to discuss 15 of the best blogs about books to follow.

15 Best Blogs About Books :

blogs about books

If you are looking for the best blogs about books to follow, this is the right place to find some of the best blogs.

  1. Bustle Books :

    This is the most informatory blog that provides almost everything pertaining to your any sort of queries about books. The best part of the blog is that it updates at frequent intervals in a day. The blog ensures to maintain the best quality of posts. Another best part of the blog is that it covers various topics of the wide range. The range starts from entertainment section and goes up to various other important aspects. If you like reading, you must follow these blogs about books so that you don’t miss out on anything.

  2. Big Book Little Book and We Sat Down :

    This blog is meant for the people of every age. If your search is for the family blog, you may finally check out  Big book Little Book and We sat down. Big Book Little Book- as is evident from the name, reviews the wide range of books starting from picture books to the books meant for adults. On the other hand, We sat down is based on mother-daughter who are in the habit of reviewing apart and together. Here the blogs are quite amazing. I am quite sure that you shall find a suitable blog of your choice in the list

  3. :

    The blog is about great reviews of Niranjana Iyer. The reviews are so well analyzed and absorbing that once you go through them, you will find them as good as reading the book. The reviews, at a glance, seem to be the synopsis of the book and reflects the complete picture of the book. The description of the book is self-explanatory that get you fully involved in it.

  4. DARREN- The Book Zone for Boys :

    This is the best book zone for boys. Darren is again one of the most popular male bloggers. He aims at targeting an audience which most of the bloggers don’t concentrate upon. Darran is highly intellectual and understands the psychology of the males very well. Hence, he writes in such a way that the boys tend to read books more than going to watch a movie. He is also an expert and dedicated to comic books which is quite an interesting segment.

  5. Book Marketing Tools :

    This book helps the writers at their initial level of self-publishing. The book guides how to market the book and sell the maximum books. At the same time, the book also introduces tips for the new authors. One of the best blogs about books for rookie writers.

  6. :

    This is the best place to go through the excellent reviews of all the books in one place. This blog portrays the culture, the food, the way of living, as well as the literature of various countries extremely well. You feel like having visited all these places personally. While sitting in one place, you have the privilege of experiencing the literature of various places.

  7. Brain Pickings :

    The great author- Maria Popova is one of the renowned authors of the world. This blog reflects the views of this great author on various topics. The topics include a wide range right from science to literature to other different subjects. The best part of the blog is that all the topics have been written with creativity. Most of the readers from all the segments will enjoy going through this.

  8. The Write Practice :

    This blog explains the various resources required for a writer. We may say this works as a single-stop shop for the writer. This blog enjoys a large number of viewers. This also helps the writers in enhancing their writing skills. Surely one of the best blogs about books out there that are helping giving something to the community of writers.

  9. The Book Designer :

    This book blog is written by Joel Friedlander and is quite a popular and must-read book blog. The author has the tremendous experience of working in publishing d design industries. The author of the blog is highly helpful to the people who want to get their story out. The Book Designer contains the wide range of topics right from writing and editing to publishing and marketing.

  10. Omnivoracious :

    Omnivoracious is quite a popular name in the world of blogs. This is Amazon’s official blog. We may term this as a must-read book review blog. Omnivoracious has the specific feature of reviewing the wide range of topics. This reviews the books pertaining to kids, comics, lifestyle, suspense and a lot of other topics. The blog keeps the readers updated on various aspects of the publishing world.

  11. Jane Friedman :

    Jane Friedman is a well-known author. She has rich experience in the book line. The author is a professor at Virginia University taking classes of publishing. Jane has written various outstanding articles on her website’s blog. As a matter of fact, her blogs work as a major resource for an aspiring author or an author trying to establish himself independently.  She has a huge a following.

  12. Quillblog :

    Quill & Quire is a renowned magazine. This is basically a Canadian literary magazine. This magazine reviews a lot of books every year. The book has the unique feature of publishing interviews of the authors of all levels- aspiring as well as established authors.

  13. The Writing Cooperative :

    This is quite an informatory blog. The basic purpose of writing this blog is to help the authors in improving their writing skills. So many writers go through the blogs on this post and offer their valuable suggestions on the basis of their great experiences.

  14. Tara Lazar :

    Tara Lazar is a well-known author of children’s books. Any authors aspiring to write on children’s fiction must go through this book blog. These blogs work as the major resource for children’s book authors. The special feature of this blog is that this focuses on developing literature for kids.

  15. The New Yorker: Page-Turner :

    Page-Turner is one of the most famous blogs in New York. The blog explains in details right from the scratch. The articles on this blog are highly inspiring and lead to the generation of a new thought process. The articles on this blog are highly authentic.


In the conclusion, we may say that all the blogs written above are highly inspiring and while sitting at home, this is just the right time to start your new book and finish it as soon as possible. These blogs about books will take you on a journey you may never want to return from.

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    That’s a very informative list indeed. Thanks. I am also very fond of the book networking site called Goodreads. That deserves a place in this list too.