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15 must-watch Kid-Friendly Movies with important lessons

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Movies have been reflecting as a mirror of the society. Since the beginning, the movies have been depicting the culture and trends prevailing in the society at different times. As a matter of fact, cinemas have the power to affect and influence the thinking of the people, especially the youth and the children. Besides, movies also lead to the latest fashion trends in the society. They create a great impact on the social lives of the people. Films have also been a major player in the building of the nation. Cinema has become a big industry these days. Therefore, here I bring you 15 must-watch Kid-Friendly Movies with important lessons

We, as parents always remain concerned about our child’s learnings and development. We understand that media like television, movies for children are the major sources of learning for the children. Indeed, overall movies and especially movies for children are responsible up to a certain extent for the overall development of the children and youth. Children: sensitive in nature get deeply influenced by movies. That is why the parents usually don’t allow their children to watch violent or sex movies. Even Sensor board of films restricts the children below eighteen years from seeing such movies. Furthermore, children spend a lot of time in watching the movies either on television or in theatre or even on mobile on youtube.

As happens in every case, everything has its own pros and cons. Cinema, too, has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. There are a lot of movies which leave a very good impact on children. Such movies exhibit positive learning message for the entire society including children. Such kind of films touch the hearts and minds of the children deeply and leave a good message for them as well as the society. Some movies are quite entertaining for children and help a lot in their development in some or the other way. Even some Cartoon movies help the children in their emotional and social development. Here are some of the best entertaining movies for children. Hence these are ‘must watch’ movies for children.

15 Kid-Friendly Movies

  1. Finding Nemo:

    This is one of the most beautiful movies for children. The movie was directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich. Its duration is 100 minutes. The movie depicts the life of undersea world quite beautifullyIt’s a touching and interesting story of a desperate father to find out his missing son.

  2. Toy Story:

    The movie ‘ Toy Story ‘ was produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. The Director of the film was John Lasseter. This was the first computer-animated film of feature-length. This is one of the best-animated films ever made. The sequels of the movie were also made in subsequent years whereas another sequel is also slated for the next year, 2019. Toy Story, in 2995 was the first film that used an entirely new concept technology to animate the fictional characters. It is was indeed a new revolution in the film industry that marked the beginning of numerous kid-friendly movies, especially animated ones.

  3. Taare Zameen Par:

    It’s an outstanding movie reflecting the psychology of the children. The movie apparently leaves a message for the aspiring parents who impose their dreams on their children. This is the story of a small boy suffering from Dyslexia but the parents didn’t realize his problem. Once his teacher identifies the problem, he creates amazing confidence in him. Finally, the child comes out as a shining star. One of the best kid-friendly movies and my personal favorite.

  4. The Blue Umbrella:

    The movie is based on the novel of Ruskin Bond. This is quite a beautiful film in the series of movies for children. This is the story of a little poor girl. Furthermore, the movie also suggests how to earn the respect. This movie is the showcase of the quotation ” As you sow, so shall you reap.”

  5. Stanley Ka Dabba:

    Stanley Ka Dabba is a unique kind of movie leaving a deep message on the hearts of a lot of people, especially children. The film conveys that friendship, bonding amongst the people should be hardly affected by the status. The filmmaker has beautifully presented this idea through a sweet story of schoolmates. After seeing the movie, the children are bound to develop socially and emotionally.

  6. Happy Feet:

    Happy Feet is a computer-animated film made in the year 2006. The film was purely a musical family film. It was directed, produced and co-written by George Miller. It is the first animated film produced by Kennedy Miller. Kids just love this film and is one of the must-watch kid-friendly movies of all time.

  7. The Princess Bride:

    The movie is a must-watch for the children belonging to any age. This movie is one of the best movies for children. This is the most quotable films of all the times. The story of the movie is based on the book of William Goldman with the same name.

  8. Anjali:

    This is the movie of 90 s. In spite of being so old movie, this is a good watch even as on date. You may see the movie with your kids several times. Every time, you come out with the emotional feelings. The film helps the children in developing family bonding and relationships. It’s a beautiful film.

  9. Chak De! India:

    This is again a must-watch movie for the children of all age groups. The story depicts true sportsmanship and the true love for the country. After watching the movie, you come out with the strong feeling of positivity and patriotism. Chak de India strongly supports the ‘No give Up’ attitude. The movie also encourages the team spirit amongst the teammates. Though not an animated film, it is definitely one of the kid friendly movies that teach hard work dedication.

  10. Hawaa Hawaai:

    It’s an awesome movie depicting the story of a little boy chasing his dreams. He has the dream of becoming a skating player. He works at a tea shop for the living. The film conveys a beautiful message that keeps chasing dreams until you achieve them. Come what may in your way, there should be no diversion in the dreams.

  11. I Am Kalam:

    This is a well- acclaimed movie. The film had won several awards. This is the story of a poor Rajasthani boy deeply influenced by our former President, Abdul Kalam. There has been the beautiful presentation of the struggles of the boy in attaining higher education. Furthermore, in spite of all the odds and struggles, he doesn’t give up. The movie inspires the kids to work hard unconditionally and must not give up under any circumstances.

  12. Harry Potter Franchise:

    Harry Potter is  British- American film. The film was based on the novel of Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling. The distributors of the film were Warner Brothers. The complete series of the film was a great hit across the world. Now that another series by the name Fantastic Beasts have released which preceeds the magical story of Harry Potter, I recommend these kid-friendly movies series for your children for an amazing source of entertainment.

  13. Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid:

    This movie is again one of the best movies for children. The story of the film is based on a girl. The director of the film has beautifully portrayed the difficulties and problems a girl child is facing in rural India. The movie leaves a great impact on children’s mind about the existing social issues in our country.

  14. Alice In Wonderland:

    Alice in Wonderland was directed by the leading Director- Tim Burton. The movie was a big hit, especially amongst the children. This was the story of a nineteen years old girl who puts great effort in reuniting her old friends and plans to end the terror prevailing in the reign of Red Queen.

  15. Ferrari Ki Sawaari:

    It’s a cool and heart touching story of a family majorly consisting of a boy, his father, and grandfather. They all have ordinary dreams like a normal family has usually. The story has been beautifully written depicting the feelings, bondings, and emotions for each other in the family. The film impresses deeply and helps a lot in strengthening the caring attitude in children.




In the conclusion, we find that movies play a big role in building up the children and youth of the society. We may say that movies have to be the reflection of the society. Good movies are the major source of inspiration for the people. Same way, bad movies affect the mind of children and all adversely. Movies certainly cause a positive or negative effect on children’s innocent mind. You should definitely encourage kid-friendly movies in the home so that your kids can learn some important lessons from them.

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