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15 tips to reduce stress will calm your anxious mind

Ajay Bhati 10

While our urban dwelling offers a lot of opportunities to grow and discover ourselves, it makes stress a way of life for most of us. However contrary to what most of us might think, stress is not the villain but the inability to calm the anxious mind is. Sometimes, stressful situations are caused for the reason that is beyond our control. Under such situation, best is to adopt a few simple tips to reduce stress and effective practices to deal with them as they come.

  1. Breathe- one of the best tips to reduce stress:

First of all, one of the best tips to reduce stress is to take a moment to switch off from your surroundings and breathe. So, focus on the positive energy you inhale and the negativity being exhaled. Similarly, let your mind feel the fresh air enters and fills up your body with positivity and hope. Consequently, focusing on your breath humbles you to appreciate your existence and the stressful situation at hand may seem trivial. Breathe – it is certainly that simple. Some call it the art of Meditation. Hence, meditation may be noted as one of the key tips to reduce stress.

  1. Read a book:

Returning home after a stressful day could be quite overwhelming. Relaxing on your couch and flipping through a few pages of a good book might instantly calm your mind. Another best tips to reduce stress is the habit of reading. The most noteworthy point here is that reading takes you into a world not your own. Rather, for a few hours. it allows you to travel to places never seen before and empathize with characters never met before. Finally, we may say that reading heals in its own way and you might discover your passion to read or even write.

  1. Take a nature walk:

When we plan to take a break and unwind, we think about hills, beaches or a getaway amidst lush green forests. We think so for the reason that we associate nature with relaxation. Nature is a medicine we don’t pay for, it recovers with no bias. Therefore, to take that natural break, a short walk in a nearby park could be the best treat your anxious mind could have asked for. Put on your shoes and see your mind walk away from anxiety and stress.

  1. Get into a conversation:

While facing the Kauravas on the battlefield, Arjuna was sweating and distressed. His anxious mind was uncertain until he got into a conversation with Krishna. We fight our own battles and sometimes having a deep conversation with a person you trust, is just enough to help you fight your battle valiantly. Therefore, conversation with a close person is advisable.

  1. Hydrate your mind:

Another tip in this regard is that drink a glass of water first of all in the morning and repeat to yourself that your mind is at peace. As the water hydrates your body, the thought will keep your mind
hydrated throughout the day.

  1. “What-if” analysis:

As a result of the increasing work pressures day by day, our mind sometimes needs facts to calm itself down. Doing a what-if analysis of the situation can help uncover the real size and impact of the problem at hand and may reduce the stress levels. What if I don’t get that contract, I may score low ratings this year. If I score low ratings, I will have low annual bonus and I will not be able to go for that vacation. Hence, all such factors lead the person to great stress. This fact that what could possibly go wrong, helps the mind come swiftly out of its anxious state and get back to action.

  1. Sip your favourite tea or coffee:

“Tea is a hug in a cup”. Spend some time sipping from your mug and see the stress evaporate effortlessly. Furthermore, it also helps in sitting in a relaxed mood for some time.

  1. Make note of what worries you today and revisit it:

Dale Carnegie in his book “How to stop worrying and start living” writes about the effects of maintaining notes about what is worrying you on a particular day. Looking at those notes a year later may make the worry look unnecessary. This trains the mind to evaluate the long-term impact of the reason of worry and eventually reduces the anxiety.

  1. Live in a day-box:

Every day 24 hours are deposited into our account and we are allowed to spend them as we want to. If we are unable to spend them, they get expired and new 24 hours are deposited the next day. Living in a tight day compartment ensures that we live in present without overthinking and stressing our mind.

  1. Tick at least one long pending household chore:

Ticking off a long due todo activity helps satisfy the mind and develop a sense of achievement. It could be as small a task as organizing the bedside drawer. It also helps divert attention from stress.

  1. Retrospect when the day ends:

Thinking about one good thing that happened during the day before going to bed, brings good thoughts that the process of the mind overnight. It can improve sleep quality and you might wake up with your happier self.

  1. Listen to your favourite song:

Put on your headphones and let the music get to work on you. This remedy to calm anxiousness just cannot go wrong.

  1. Exercise:

Involving in vigorous exercise has shown scientific results in reducing stress and increasing concentration and productivity at work. Hitting the gym, running or practising yoga could be a good start.

  1. See thoughts passing by:

When we are stuck in traffic on the way to the airport, it makes our mind anxious. As a result, we deal with stress worrying about the flight we may miss and the family event we might not be able to attend. When we finally board the plane and look down at the traffic from distance, it just does not stress us anymore. It means nothing for the mind. Likewise, if we distance ourselves from situations and let them pass by, the mind will be calmer and no longer anxious. Hence, the mind learns this discipline from continuous training and practice.

  1. Love yourself:

In addition to this, also please find yourself and be yourself. Remember there is no one on earth like you. Loving yourself and appreciating yourself for what you are will put your anxieties to rest and rather focus on working towards making a better version of yourself.


In the conclusion, as is evident from the above, we may say that stress is natural in today’s competitive times. DEFT people know how to handle the stress. They follow some excellent tips to reduce stress. Hence, they enjoy a stress-free life even in the adverse situations. Furthermore, If you want to learn yoga or meditation or any other professional or academic course while sitting at home, please get in touch with Qriyo through Qriyo app or Website. Qriyo is an amazing organization to provide you with the facilities of learning in various fields without moving out.

Tips to reduce Stress

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