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5 Characteristics of Personality

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“The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.” reads Google, when asked the definition of personality. So, the question is what are these “characteristics” that differentiate someone`s personality from others?

5 Characteristics of Personality

Here is the list of 5 Characteristics of Personality, made in according to the Big Five personality theory:

  • Extraversion Personality:

This is the measure of how outgoing a person is. They enjoy being with people, participating in social gatherings, and are full of energy. A person who scores high on extraversion in a behavior test is the life of the party.

  • Agreeableness:  

A person who scores high on agreeableness put their own interests above their own. They get along with people more and promote social harmony.

  •   Openness:

A person with a high level of openness to experience in a personality test enjoys trying new things. It basically indicates how open-minded a person is.

5 Characteristics of Personality

  • Conscientiousness: 

A person scoring high in conscientiousness usually prefer methodic planning and has a  high level of self-discipline. They believe in following the plan, rather than acting spontaneously. However, individuals who score high in conscientiousness on a personality test can be workaholics and compulsive perfectionists.

  • Neuroticism / Emotional stability:

It refers to a person’s ability to remain balanced and stable in difficult. People who score low in neuroticism react less emotionally and are less upset about things.

5 Characteristics of Personality

All these traits together build an impressive personality. Extraversion or agreeableness alone cannot add up to a decent personality. It encourages the person to get a positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improve behavior, learn better communication and develop a healthy physique.  It is important to keep the balance between all these traits to lead a peaceful and stress-free life. So, it is very essential to develop these qualities. A good teacher helps his student to not only develop these qualities but also use them in real life world, in difficult situations.

5 Characteristics of Personality

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