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5 Dance Moves of 80s which are still popular

Gouthami Sirpurkar 0

Dance is the most worshiped and respected form of art. John Dryden described dancing as a poetry of the foot. The history of this form ranges back to very beginning of man’s existence. With the change in time the way people perceive dance is also changing. Transforming radically from the days where it was perceived to be an art form performed merely only by skilled artists to today where people believe everybody can dance. It’s very clear from the past itself, dance moves are one of the major concern of humans lifestyle.

With 4965 different forms being recognized so far, Dance today has evolved. Gone are the days when people close dance in their childhood and confined it to drama, music and dance competitions or entertainment in school. There are more people pursuing it as a profession and faces are coming up in similar aspects. And it is estimated that more forms will evolve in future which may be the fusion of existing forms.

Now a day’s dance is becoming more than a pastime, gaining popularity with more people turning to dance classes for fun, to learn a new technique and for fitness. As the time past, many new dance forms introduced but as per a famous saying “Old is Gold”, some of the old dance forms are still very popular in this 21st century. Here is a throwback of 5 famous dance moves to their counterparts in 80’s, showing how dance has evolved over time.

Dance Moves of 80s:


  1. Running man Running Man | Dance Moves of 80s Running Man | Today

  2. Breakdance

    Break Dance | Dance Moves of 80s Break Dance | Dance Moves of 80s

  3. Cabbage batch Cabbage Batch | Dance Moves of 80s Cabbage Batch | Today

  4. Robot dance

    Robot Dance | Dance Moves of 80s Robot Dance | Today

  5. Moonwalk

    Moon Walk | Dance Moves of 80s Moon Walk Today

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