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5 great reasons why homework is good for children

Abhipsa Panda 0

Almost all the schools around the world believe in giving homework to their kids. Homework is basically tasks that the students have to perform at home. Interestingly, there have been numerous debates regarding whether homework is suitable or not. Those who are against homework generally raise an interesting point. They say that the due process of education is not to live exhaustively. Rather it is enjoying along with learning. To them, I would show them an easy midway through this blog. Moreover, I have been a part of this homework system in my school days and hence would like to share the pros why homework is good for children.

Why homework is good for children?

  • Homework helps retain better:

Researchers say that whatever children learn in the classrooms, they tend to forget if they don’t revise. Also, revising within 24 hours of learning is a good way to memorize. Hence, homework relating to whatever children learn in class will help them to revise. Certainly, there are subjects that need revision. Therefore homework must be given.

  • It helps to channel their time in useful things:

These days kids are internet friendly. They enjoy working on gadgets rather than writing in copies. This can be an advantage as teachers can provide homework that shall involve using gadgets. Consequently, there will be an increase in children with complete homework. In addition, children shall learn a major lesson to use resources effectively. The Internet is a great resource after all and must not involve abuse. Hence time management skills also build up.

  • Homework improves handwriting and other skills:

Handwriting is a creative skill. However, the skill is less common due to advancing technology. They find it unuseful to learn through writing. But this is an ancient skill that is important to retain. Henceforth, children must be taught to write. In this way, they will also be less independent over technology. Other skills like problem-solving, practicing, confidence, learning by heart, etc increase. Most of all, the kids learn to prioritize. They become self- reliant too.

  • Children learn beyond the scope of the syllabus:

Homework should include surfing beyond just the syllabus. This is a great way to learn worldly matters like current affairs. Actually, the syllabus is a narrow supply of knowledge. But children being efficient enough to accommodate enough knowledge, should get such exposure. This satisfies mostly the fact about why homework is good for children. And if it still doesn’t read the next point to be completely sure about the fact.

  • Parents get more time to spend with their children:

Generally, what happens is parents sit with their children to help them with their homework. This is a great way to know the children. Parents should spend quality time with their children. This lets the parents monitor what their kid is learning at school. After all, there are no better teachers than parents themselves. And in case they don’t find time to do so, they must hire tutors to provide attention to their children. The reason behind the same is that later the children develop into better humans and also the homework gets done in proper manner.

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