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5 teaching techniques every tutor must know

Shivam Pandey 3

The first thing that you need to realize as a tutor is that you are not a teacher, so chill out and relax. Now, a tutor can shape his student in the best way as there is one to one interaction between the student and the tutor unlike in schools where one teacher has to teach several students.

Here are the five great teaching techniques that every tutor must know

1. Create lesson framework


During the initial periods, students face the doubts like, how to proceed, what to learn in the beginning and proceed further etc. For this, proper planning should be made on the very first day and shared with the students.


2. Fun Learning – apply this and you will appreciate the results


After the topics are being discussed, the teachers can conduct assessments in the form of quizzes or some other attractive techniques such that the students can by-heart them. Getting clarity about the topics without taking any sort of burden is what fun learning is all about.

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3. You have so much to do with Digital Learning


Instead of the old chalk and duster techniques, teachers can use slides and play few videos so that the students can pay more attention to videos and digital learning techniques make it easy for the students to understand even tricky topics.


4. Gamification, the demand of changing educational pattern


The educational pattern is undergoing a revolutionary change and with this, you need to change your teaching techniques as well. To meet these demands, there are various games available in the market which can help to learn in an efficient way. Mostly, mathematical concepts can be learned through such games.

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5. Pre-Preparation


This means that the students need to have a brief idea about what is to be taught in the class the next day. This will make the class more lively as the students will be quite familiar with the topics and there will be more probability of good doubts being raised in the class. This is also helpful as this practice saves time as the students get the topics in one go and this saved time can be utilized to go in depth of the topics.

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  • kamal ganwani

    learning should be fun, interactive, understanding. tutors must be friendly with kids, and teach them properly.
    thanks alot for providing this information.

    • shivam pandey

      Your most welcome 🙂

  • Luv Khedekar

    Thanks for giving this information. Tutor plays an very important role in student life by whom students can learn lot of things. So Tutor should be friendly in nature with Kids and Proactive.