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5 Mischiefs only coaching students know

Shivam Pandey 0

School life is one of the best periods in anyone’s life. Not only studies, but several lovely memories are associated with it. Nowadays, coachings are meant, not only to go and study but to make everlasting memories also.

Here are 5 Mischiefs only coaching students know:

1. Bunks, we love to do that:

Almost every one of us has bunked our classes at least once in our life. The pleasure we find in bunking the classes is eternal. Students bunk classes for several reasons. Few of them include parties, dates or going to movies. Some people are too lazy that they bunk just to sleep more. You can find the daring ones, the ones who are on the boundary line but still takes risk of bunking.

2. Sleeping on the last bench:

There will always be a group of students who are interested in back benches. They assume that larger the distance, weaker the student teacher interaction, means they can have enough sleep without getting noticed.

3. Playing Book Cricket/ Tic-Tac-Toe:

I am sure many of you will be knowing these names, the names which retrieve the relishing memories of our awesome childhood. Making crosses and zeroes used to be one of the greatest funs of those times.

4. Late Comers:

There are some students who will always come late irrespective of the timings. Whether the teacher shifts the coaching timings to morning or evening, late comers will come late, they feel as if all others are welcoming them with love when they come late. But believe me, it really feels like that.

5. Staring at your crush:

Mischiefs only coaching students know
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