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5 most common childhood fears and how to prevent them

Mandeep Gill 0

Fear is a part of childhood that cannot be done away with. You must have lots of fears, I surely had lots of fears in my childhood. So, parents must know the appropriate ways and tips to help their child overcome any fear with time. I will share you with you today, some methods to prevent common childhood fears because every child fears something.

5 most common childhood fears

  1. Fear of being left alone

    It scares children when you leave them alone even for 5 minutes. It’s all about psychology, let them know that you also were afraid in childhood. But then one day, you said, “I am stronger and no one can scare me”. This won’t help them instantly, but it will give them the courage to fight it with time. Another thing you can do is, show them how we can stay alone. You can sit in a separate room and just show them there is nothing to be afraid of. When children their parents doing it, they will start to think that it is not a big deal to stay alone.

  2. Fear of the dark

    Children think if it’s dark, then a monster or a ghost will eat them any second. To help them, you can go out with during the night, let them be comfortable with the dark. Talk to them about the night, the stars, the silence, and fill their minds with good stories like the tooth fairy. You can give them the option of having a little bit light during the night, and with time they will start to adjust.

  3. Fear of the teachers

    Small kids sometimes fear their teachers, probably because they did not complete their homework or because the personality of the teacher could be intimidating. Whatever the reason may be, you should always teach your kids to do their job and not worry about the teacher. Tell them if you be a good boy/girl, I will tell your teacher about your good behavior and the teacher will be very happy with you. In fact, yesterday your teacher was telling me that you are a good boy/girl at school.

  4. Fear of the monsters

    This is one of the most common childhood fears. Some kids fear clowns or other characters on TV they think have come to life. To them fall asleep without worrying, you must prove to them that there is indeed no one else in the home. Go with them in each corner of the house and show them that there is really nothing to be afraid of.

  5. Fear of weather

    When the thunder and lightning rocks, children run to the safest spot in the home possible. To help them, move their mind towards the beauty of nature, talk to them about how beautiful rain and thunder look. Show them beautiful pictures of rain and thunder on the internet. Tell them about nature’s phenomena and how does it rain. How we depend on rain, and that it a good thing to rain. When they start to see the beauty of nature, they won’t be afraid of weather. You can also show them the weather app on your smartphone so that they understand it better. Take them out when there is a pleasant weather outside, sometimes you will come home wet from the rain, and it will all be fun.

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