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5 Simple Steps To Write Perfect Essays

Kinza Ahmed 0

Writing essays is an important skill which every individual require in their day to day life. It is a crucial part of communication which not only allows you to freely express your ideas and thoughts but also spreads your views to a far larger audience. Research has revealed that writing develops critical thinking abilities and enhances creativity. Writing is an imperative skill without which it will become difficult to withstand the vigorous competitive environment. Initially writing essays can prove to be a pretty hectic task. Well…it’s not rocket science and with regular as well as consistent efforts, everyone can learn to write impactful essays. The following enlists 5 easy steps to write perfect essays which will help you to refine your ideas and augments your intellectual flexibility.

Here are 5 simple steps to write Perfect essays:

  • Choose a topic to write

Steps To Write Perfect Essays


Before you start writing, you need to have an idea to write on. If you are assigned any topic, then you need to think regarding the kind of essay you want to write. Whether it will be a generalized synopsis or a precise review. If you are unrestrained and free to choose a topic then it is always better to write on concepts that fascinates you. This will allow you to creatively express your ideas and beliefs. Finally, evaluate your options and shortlist the most impactful ones.

  • Gather ideas through brainstorming

Steps To Write Perfect Essays


Starting an essay and deciding what to write can be the toughest task particularly for beginners. Well..brainstorming can be very beneficial. Before commencing take five minutes to think about the idea and jot down all the relevant points that come to your mind. Now, After accumulating enough points, create an outline to organize your essay. Try to include examples as well as anecdotes to make it more captivating.

  • Write the introduction


Steps To Write Perfect Essays

The introduction is a short paragraph which apparently introduces your reader to your topic and describes your main idea. An introduction should grab the reader’s attention. In addition, it should give readers a little gist about the major theme of the essay. Studies have revealed that 85% of readers judge the quality of the content just by reading 3-4 opening lines. So, make sure that those lines create a lasting impact on the readers. Furthermore, startling facts, quotes, inspiring stories etc can act as good opening statements.

  • Write the body


Steps To Write Perfect Essays

This is the part wherein you elaborate the principal ideas to your reader. Each relevant point, disclosed during the process of brainstorming will form a separate section within the body of your essay. Try to include data and facts to hook the attention of the readers. Instead of giving general statements, make your essay more specific by strongly expressing your viewpoint.

  • Write the conclusion

Steps To Write Perfect Essays


The conclusion is the last paragraph and summarises all the key points of the essays. An ideal conclusion includes 5-6 lines which draw smart insights out of the essays and provides a final perspective on your topic.


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