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Deal with study burnout with these 5 useful tips

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Do you sometimes feel that you’ve been studying too much for too long and still not able to produce desired results? Even after dedicating hours every day, you are not able to improve your academic performance. You might be having a study burnout. It is a state of exhaustion that occurs due to high levels of stress. When it happens, all your hard work starts to produce negative returns and you get demotivated which further exacerbates the problem. This post will guide you to deal with study burnout and always work effectively. There is no point in studying for 3 hours every day when all you learn is worth 30 minutes.

So, you need to able to deal with study burnout to save yourself from that depression and also save your precious time. You should not take study burnout lightly as it can mess with your mind and starts putting demotivating thoughts in it.

Low academic performance, lack of concentration, fatigue, lack of sharp memory and lack of motivation are signs of study burnout.

How to deal with study burnout?

1. Take adequate care of your body

The human body is just like any other machinery that thrives when you take care of it. Providing it with good nutrition, sleep, and workout some are of the most crucial tasks to do every day. We cannot stop ourselves from aging, but we can age slowly, by maintaining our bodies. Most students forget that are they creating an overload for their brain by over-studying and feeding it junk. Junk doesn’t replenish the energy of your brain. The brain is 60% fat, so you need to supply enough unsaturated fatty acids to it so that it can work well and also improves your overall brain functionality. I have a written a descriptive post regarding the type of fats your brain needs apart from normal unsaturated ones. Do check it out.

Fats are crucial not just for the brain but for the rest the body too. Complex carbohydrates supply your body constant fuel to work throughout the day. Every macro and micronutrient has a purpose in your body (Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals). If you don’t give your body what it needs to function properly, you cannot expect results.

Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep of at least 7 hours. For all that study you do on a daily basis, it stays in your mind temporarily until you have a long sleep that saves the information to a more permanent location and frees up the temporary workspace for your next day’s study. You don’t have to deal with study burnout if you do things the right way.

2. Learn to manage your time

You have higher chances of disappointment if you study without a plan. You don’t know how much is remaining, how much should you study every day and till when you would complete the syllabus. Instead, if you had a set target for each day, you would just focus on finishing that and utilize your extra time in your hobbies. Get a home tutor for dance or singing at your home

By completing short targets every day you will eventually finish the syllabus on your predecided time and timely complete your revision. When a person gets a sense of accomplishment every day, it motivates him to work hard and effectively. You will know how much you need to study today, you just focus on finishing your today’s job. This will prevent you from studying more than what your mind can absorb.

Set your targets and the time you should take to complete those targets. Time management is a skill that is valued by all the companies that may interview you in future. Don’t study endlessly, study smart and effectively.

3. It is okay to take breaks

You cannot expect to study for hours without a break. That is why schools also have lunch time about 2 hours after your study sessions. Unlike a computer, your brain cannot store information at the same rate for continued periods of time. It needs short breaks to process everything and then get ready to take some more. What you need to make sure is that you don’t extend your break and start procrastinating. You can eat a good meal during your break, go out and play for some time and remember to come back and start again. Use your breaks wisely. Avoid TV, video games, and smartphone use during your break. People tend to waste more time than they have, and the purpose of the break also remains unfulfilled. The brain needs refreshing, screentime further tires your brain.

4. Get your expectation right

When you set unrealistic targets for yourself and end up failing them, you get demotivated. While setting your targets, always set attainable ones. If you are thinking you can study 3 chapters of science, 3 of math, 3 of English and be done with the course by next Monday, it is not going to happen. Do not sprint a marathon.

Similarly, when you are scoring around 70% in your tests and aim to achieve 99% in the real examination, you are just going to get disappointed. You should aim to improve your performance and aim for 80% first. When are you finally at 80%, then achieving 90% won’t seem unrealistic. But, do not underestimate yourself set really low targets, know your strengths and weaknesses in every area and then set your targets. When you achieve the targets set by you, that is a beautiful feeling you worked really hard to get.

Do not chase unrealistic targets, and you won’t have to deal with study burnout anymore.

5. Get an academics home tutor and overcome study burnout

Sometimes an academic home tutor can greatly help you to deal with study burnout. Students often develop weak areas in studies if they are provided with personal attention. Those weak areas, over the months and years, translate into their permanent weakness. They start to fear some subjects (mathematics for instance). Do not let that become a big problem to deal with in future. If you or your child is having trouble understand some concepts in school, get an academics home tutor from qriyo. Qriyo provides qualified and properly evaluated home tutors. Your child can easily overcome weak areas and get better clarity of concepts if they are addressed on time with personal attention.

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