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5 Tips To Score 90 percent In Board Exams

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Sleepless nights, dreadful dreams, baffling questions, piles of notes and so on all these things accurately describes the conditions of a student preparing for board exams. Every year around 10.5 lakh students undertake board exams, out of them only around 90,000 students manage to secure 90% and above. Board exam result is very crucial not only for students but for parents too, as it a career determining point in every student’s life. Every parent wants their children to score good grades in 12 boards so that they can get admission in top notch colleges. Furthermore, due to changing scenario, rising cutoffs of colleges, increasing competition, It become all the more important to score good grades. Well.. getting 90% is no rocket science and everyone can achieve it if shown hard work and proper compliance with the below-mentioned tips.

5 Tips To Score 90 percent in board:

 1) Identify your strengths and weakness, then develop a study schedule

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First and foremost step is to introspect yourself. Discover your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you function in the most efficient ways. Identifying areas you are good at will eventually give you more time to focus on subjects in which you are relatively weak. Plan a study timetable, keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses. Stick to that study plan and follow it religiously. Devote more time to subjects which require extensive practice ie. accountancy, physics. Planning out a schedule will help you procrastinate less and focus more on studies.

2) Focus only and only on syllabus books

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This is exactly where most of the students go wrong. Instead of giving priority to NCERT books and syllabus provided by CBSE, they search for more content than required in various big and heavyweight reference books. Board question papers are prepared by strictly keeping in mind the guidelines issued by CBSE. So, If you want to score good percentage then your primary focus should be to cover NCERT books as early as possible. This will strengthen your base, consequently your ability to solve higher level questions will enhance.

3) Practice past papers

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The board always follows a particular pattern to prepare question papers. So, solving previous year papers is like giving past board exam. It will give you a clear idea of the difficulty level of questions asked as well as the repeating sequence of questions because some questions time and again appear in board papers. Along with this, try to solve guess papers issued by CBSE, approximately a month before the exam. All this will make you less anxious at the time of giving actual board exam.

4) Don’t neglect English

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A large number of students focus entirely on technical subjects and completely overlook English. But don’t forget that it is as important as any other subject. Taking up English a month before the exams can be detrimental. Getting poor marks in English can lead to a drop in overall percent. Along with it, 70% of students are not able to complete English paper on time and therefore loses marks. All this occurs due to lack of practice. So, it is necessary to study English one hour every day.

5) Utilize time effectively


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Most of the students waste initial 9 months and study for the last 3 months. But if you really wish to get good grades then you need to start preparing from the very beginning. Attend classes regularly and utilize every minute in doing something productive. In addition, early completion of projects assigned can prove to be extremely beneficial. Study with full concentration at least for 6 hours every day. Use last 2 months to practice your speed, solving sample papers and brushing up what all you have learned.

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