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5 reasons to take home tuition in Ajmer instead of coaching

Mandeep Gill 0

Every student has different needs and their own strong and weak areas. It comes to a point when you have no option but to take separate tuition for a weak subject to avoid low academic performance. One of the most common causes of a subject turning to a weak subject is lack of personal attention. There may be other factors too, but one cannot deny the fact that how important personal attention is. This post will list reasons as to why you should take home tuition in Ajmer.

 5 reasons to take home tuition in Ajmer

1. Students generate better results when they take home tuition 

According to a research, 93% of the students got better results when they studied via home tuition. This is not hard to justify, with personal attention restored, continuous monitoring by parents, great results are bound to happen.

2. The personal touch

Imagine a teacher teaching to 50 students and a teacher teaching to just 1 student.

A teacher may ignore a student or two in a class of 50 or he may not be able to know how the students are actually understanding because he cannot cross-question every one of them.

But, when only your child is getting lessons from a teacher, he can cross-question and find out whether the child is able to get the concept or not. He can then make sure the child is understanding everything crystal clear. The teacher’s mind is focused on just 1 student.

3. Save the travel time and cost and increase convenience

With home tuition, you no longer have to travel to a coaching institute, saving time and money both. Also, coaching institutes do not schedule classes according to the convenience of each student. Whereas in case of home tuition, you can just tell us your preferred time and the tutor will come to your place at your desired time. Thereby increasing your convenience.

4. Travelling time and traffic puts unnecessary stuff in your child’s mind

It can take let’s say 20 minutes of travel time to get to the coaching with moderate or heavy traffic. All that time, countless sounds (horns, traffic, people) and the whole process which the child goes through every day is just occupying your child’s brain which was previously ready to study. We observe every day at all times. Today is I see a red Ferrari on the road, no one can stop me from wondering about it, the sound of it and how someday I’ll be driving that fine piece of machinery.

Children also dream about ways to save a person or the whole world and become a hero. When they are on the road, they imagine vehicles, abductions, robbery, and picture themselves as the ultimate saviors and heroes. Imagination is not a bad thing, but imagining during a classroom lecture is something which should be avoided. To minimize the imagination, you can avoid all that traffic and travel time to decrease the entry of new elements in your child’s brain right before studying.

5. Qriyo home tutors undergo a tough evaluation process

Before sending a home tutor to you, qriyo makes sure the tutor has the adequate subject knowledge, ethical values, and identity verification. There is a qriyo home tutor app for qriyo home tutors where they have to pass several tests in order to finally get a tuition. They also get feedbacks from existing clients which can help new clients make their decision. The guru app creates an interactive profile of every qriyo guru. Basically, you can just know all about the tutor before choosing him/her to teach your child.


Home tuition in Ajmer is beneficial for your child’s overall growth and development. You can request a demo today with just a few simple clicks on our qriyo home tuition website or home tuition app. Qriyo not only offers academics home tutor but also offers home tutors 500+ courses.