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9 signs of child neglect, most parents overlook 7th

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Child neglect can be referred to as a form of child abuse wherein a caregiver or a parent fails to meet the basic needs of a child such as healthcare, supervision, emotional, educational, physical etc. It frequents the list of  issues demanding immediate action. Child neglect can be a result of poverty, substance abuse, mental disorders, personal problems, unhappy marriages, unplanned pregnancy etc. Child neglect can be a result of both intentional or unintentional causes. Negligence can lead to various problems such as lack of social, emotional etc. skills in the child.

Signs of child neglect you must not ignore

  1. Unusual behaviour:

    Abuse can often lead to bizarre behavioural changes such as the child might seem to be withdrawn,anxious, depressed, aggressive etc. These behavioural changes could be a result of the negligence of parents towards the child.

  2. Unexplained injuries:

    The children might have burns and bruises on their body for which they have no certain explanation. When one encounters such incidences, One should enquire about it and get to the bottom of it.

  3. Absence from school :

    Young kids tend to share a lot of stories with their peers boasting about the presents they get from their parents or family members, in this case, the neglected child might feel lonesome and out of things and hence, tries to avoid school or can often be late to school.

  4. Lack of personal hygiene:

    If you notice a kid who wears dirty clothes, has matted hair and looks unclean, he might be a victim of child neglect. Small kids need attention towards their personal hygiene but if parents fails to do so, then children might lack personal hygiene.

  5. Changes in eating habits:

    Children who eat more than usual or save food for later meals, can be  a result of child neglect. If the caregiver or family member doesn’t give time to their children which happens when the parents are working, so child might suffer pangs of hunger and tends to eat more at a given time.

  6. Unattended physical or medical illness:

    Children who shows a sign of long term physical or medical condition which is being unattended could be a victim of child neglect as maybe the caregiver doesn’t pay attention towards the wellness of the child.

  7. Subtle complaints:

    Children who suffer from child neglect keeps complaining about lack of personal care and that nobody stays at home to fulfil basic needs. They might not say things directly because of the emotional stress that has been building up inside them but they might say things subtly while having  a conversation.

  8. Dull and tired behaviour:

    As a result of negligence, the child faces a lot of emotional and physical changes due to which he remains tired and dull in most of his routine activities. You can find the child uninterested in the activities that other children cherish of his age.

  9. Says No to home:

    Home is a place where family is. But home could also turn out to be the scariest place if one doesn’t get to see his family. And a child is a young soul who needs love and care from his parents. A child who lacks care and love of his family since a very young age tends to get lost in his childhood and lacks emotional and social values. So he starts to avoid going home because he is scared of that solitary and empty environment that he thought would be happy and filled.


Child neglect frequents the list of immediate action even today, which is shocking. We hope that your child isn’t  a victim of such horrific situations. If you ever notice any of such signs in any child in your surroundings, don’t be passive.Raise your voice, it might save a life.

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child neglect
child neglect