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A brief overview of education in Ajmer

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education in ajmer

Ajmer region is one of the 10 CBSE regions in the nation. This year’s class 12th Board examination results saw girls outperforming the boys of Ajmer region with a pass percentage of 88.6% and 81.1% respectively. A total of 126605 students appeared for the examination. This year, the overall pass percentage in India saw a decline. But if we look at the quality of education in Ajmer, data suggests it has been improving.


Let us analyze the data and understand the education in Ajmer

To start with, I’d like to shine some light on a survey conducted by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) and SIRT (State Institute of Research and Training, Udaipur). The National and State learning achievement survey states that quality of education in Rajasthan has improved by 8-20% in the last 2 years. This kind of growth in just 2 years is a commendable job. This could mean the days when we finally achieve the high-quality education are not so far. This survey also revealed that the understanding of education, and students’ ability to score more marks, have improved. This survey took into account, 40,596 students of classes III, V, and VII across 33 districts of Rajasthan.

Not only in private schools but govt. schools’ education quality is also picking up pace now, as per this survey. A couple of below-mentioned Govt reforms will further strengthen this statement.

Ajmer now has 30 smart classrooms in 30 government schools

Each of those 30 Govt schools now have 1 smart classroom with 4G Broadband, Wi-Fi, Air conditioning, projectors, 30 seats, power back up, printers and scanners. This technology is connected with education portals such as NCERT, SIRT, and Khan Academy to maximize the quality of education with technological intervention. The government is working to make 1 smart classroom in every Govt school in future. Education in Ajmer is upping its game and ensuring bright future of our youth.

Efforts to convert 41 Govt schools into smart schools

Rajasthan education minister Vasudev Devnani announced in September 2016, that the Govt will be converting 41 Govt schools into smart schools. These smart schools will be operated online (attendance, homework, reports, administration, etc). Not just facilities, but to really uplift the education in Ajmer, teachers also need consistent training and development. We are glad to hear this from the education minister himself.

Free English Medium Govt Smart School

Again, you read that right. This year Ajmer got Swami Vivekanand Govt Model School, which is an English medium smart school with all modern facilities. The best part about this one is that it is affiliated with CBSE. The school has 24 classrooms, 3 of which are smart classrooms. The school also has a language lab and all sports facilities.

This school which is spread across a 12 bigha land in Srinagar Block was inaugurated by HRD minister Prakash Javedkar on September 7, 2017. A total of 186 Vivekanand Model Schools were planned to start in Rajasthan. This year alone 100 schools have started.

Quality of education in Ajmer is growing with these developments

This school already has 244 enrollments, a digital library, and 16 teachers. This alone proves that the Govt surely took a step in the right direction. Quality education, CBSE, English medium, and smart classrooms. Combine these and I don’t think any child would still want to stay away from these. This will play a huge role in curbing the high drop out rate and encourage poor parents to send their child to study in a free, English medium smart school.

Those who can afford quality education in Ajmer will definitely go for private schools. Those who can’t afford quality education in Ajmer now have schools that give tough competition to their private counterparts. CBSE education costs a minimum of 20,000 and it is now free. I really don’t see a reason for a poor child to miss out on this opportunity.

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