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Anxiety in kids, they can’t study properly | This is how to help them

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Fear of studying is the root of future weakness for mathematics or any other subject for that matter. It is exactly what prevented children to ask questions in class which added fuel to fire. You need to figure out exactly why is there anxiety in kids and why they are scared of studies, what is bothering them and how best you can fix the issues.

My own experience tells me I am very lucky that my father found out I was behind in my math class back in 2006. He realized I was lagging behind in algebra. It was a new topic which I didn’t pay attention in school and that drove me away from math out of fear. He brought me up to speed by teaching me at home, I was able to grasp this time and once again I was back on track. The same thing happened to me in 2008 when advanced topics were introduced in math, I once again took it lightly in school and that’s when I needed to go for evening tuitions. With my tuition teacher’s personal attention, I was able to get 90% marks in the math exam.

Why was I lucky? Because I got help before it was too late to correct my mistakes. A lot of people my age openly admit they were weak at math and just wanted to clear the school exam and nothing more. Those same people are now preparing for aptitude examinations that require mathematical skills, analytical skills, and reasoning skills. I need not emphasize on how important a role math can play in your brain development, and all that time a child stays away from it in school will only hurt his chances of ever making it big in the competitive examinations.

Not just for aptitude tests, child’s brain needs proper nutrition along with exercises to get to its full potential. Those exercises are studies, so anxiety in kids should be the number one issue that you need to fix as soon as possible.

There are a lot of factors that can anxiety in kids and make them scared of studies.

Anxiety in kids


Causes of anxiety in kids and fear of studies

  • Complex from other students

    When a math teacher explains complex multiplication for the first time and a couple of students happen to grasp exactly what the teacher just taught, it will demotivate your child. He will be afraid of asking any question related to it because he does not want others to think that he did not understand the question.

  • Lack of personal attention

    In a class of 40-60 students, there is a high chance that your child may be unintentionally neglected sometime. Good teachers do their best to get to every student but if a student tries to stay away from confrontation, then it can lead to fear of studies.

  • Fear of failure

    If your child did not get personal attention in the class and the teacher finished teaching 2 chapters of math, then it will become a next level problem for your child to open that book and start studying those chapters. Your child knows that if he does not study, he will most likely fail, but at the same time he does not know how to study those chapters because it did not go well for him in the classroom. Now it just seems impossible to him.

  • Unawareness of importance of learning

    Often times, parents forget to remind their kids the importance of studying, how studying can develop their personalities and make their careers. Instead, children are scolded for not studying or not completing the homework. As a result, they focus on just getting it over with as soon as possible. They skip all the learning and do what is supposed to be submitted to the teacher.

Anxiety in kids is the one thing you cannot afford.

Here are some solutions to this problem:

  • Remind them of their strengths

    If your kid is feeling embarrassed for not understanding the complex multiplication question sooner than his peers, then it will definitely demotivate him and prevent him from even asking questions. This is the time you made him realize that he has his own strengths, remind him of what he does best and faster than others. He may not understand the question sooner, but when he does, he will not ever forget it. That will greatly benefit him during exam time. Or, he could be good at an entirely different subject which other students find difficult to understand. If your child knows that no one is perfect, he won’t be ashamed to ask a question in front of the class.

  • Make him learn from his failures

    If you got it right on the first attempt, chances are you were lucky. Of course, if the child studies hard he won’t fail, and I’m not talking about exam failure. I am talking about setbacks experienced by children while studying. Tell your children that it is not meant for them to just grasp everything in one go. That is why they are in that grade, studying to get better. All they need to do is never to make the same mistake again. Make sure they understand this.

  • Tell them about the ultimate purpose of studying

    Children often think they don’t need to study for a variety of impractical and immature reasons. It is parents’ duty to remind them the importance of learning and development. If your child admires a person, tell them about that person’s studies and struggles.

  • Provide personal attention

    In a class 40-60 students, it is normal to feel discouraged if you’re already weak in that subject. That is where you need to introduce a personal teacher in the child’s life. My own experience as a home tutor enabled me to make an 8th-grade student understand math beautifully. His parents at first thought may be the kid is not meant to grasp math. But they were surprised to find out that their kid has what it takes to solve math. He just needed some personal attention, like I did in my childhood. Personal attention solely focuses on the problems faced by the student, and how to make him understand. It takes more than 2 ways for a teacher to explain a topic to the student. But in a batch size of 40-60 students, the teachers cannot possibly focus every student’s needs.

Every person has a unique brain, that needs a personal touch

Each brain understands things in its own way, this one time I was watching a television show on Discovery, a mountaineer had fallen down from a cliff and hurt her legs badly. She passed out right after touching the ground, and when she woke up, she couldn’t move her legs. What surprised the audience and even herself was the lack of pain. Her broken legs did not cause her any pain and she was lying there for help calmly.

Then the narrator goes on to tell that our body parts send signals to the brain, after which the brain reacts to the external force (it is even taught in school). Those signals can be stopped from reaching the brain, in turn, a person won’t feel pain. Similarly, upon seeing an exquisite painting at an art gallery, one person might get astonished, while another person would not understand the painting at all. Because everyone’s brain gets unique signals and processes the information in its own way. That doesn’t mean the person is incapable of grasping things. That means the person needs to have a different perception of understanding things.

Share your experiences in the comments and help each other

If you noticed anxiety in kids or have handled problems like these in the past, do share with readers.  Put your thoughts down in the comments and let us know your experiences with your kids. We say that quality of education is not up to the mark, well this is one of the reasons. Let’s take initiative and help our future generation to become better managers, doctors, engineers, etc. Do share any more solutions you might have for this ubiquitous problem.

You don’t even need to look for a home tutor, just head to home tuition website or download learning app and request a verified home tutor at your doorstep. Apart from studies, your child needs to learn new skills like playing a guitar, singing, or self-defense. This might be the way for you to start pursuing your dreams too. Maybe by learning how to cook specials or dancing. Or learning yoga at home.

Anxiety in kids is not good for a bright future. Share your thoughts in the comments and help others identify and solve this issue.