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Why should people learn Ashtanga Yoga after 40

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Ashtanga is a style of yoga that we better know as the modern-day yoga.  The name itself suggests eight limbs or branches that are essential to equate a body. K. Pattabhi Jois is known to have a close association to the same during the 20th century. Hence, it is a traditional, easy and yet very useful form of exercise. Moreover, this power yoga equals to other vigorous aerobic exercises. The aim is to release the heat out of the body in a way to purify the same. Especially, people above 40 have a weaker immune system. Therefore, there are the reasons why to start  Ashtanga Yoga after 40.

We, humans, are very active during our initial and late youth ages. But by the time we turn 40, we start losing flexibility. We put on weight, we are lazy, and naturally, we lose charm.  Hence one must learn such health benefits to stay young. Practising Ashtanga Yoga after 40 is one such skill that will definitely help.

Things to know before starting Ashtanga Yoga after 40

why people should learn Ashtanga yoga after 40
  • Motivation is the key

No amount of bragging will induce in you to stress over yourself. Therefore, you must learn to face your lowkey, and work under all circumstances. After all, you yourself is the foremost priority. Well, there is a trick for the same. You can set role models for yourself. Else, by this age, one is very well aware of himself/ herself to know how to motivate.

  • Start Slow

Yes if you have been practicing yoga for a very long time, you may not find difficulty in practicing Ashtanga Yoga after 40. However, for the ones newly learning yoga, this is the important step to follow. Often it happens that we are so enthusiastic about getting fit, that we give ourselves strain. Know this that things take time. Especially something that you are not used to. Therefore, challenge yourself, but only when you are confident enough.

  • No pain, no gain

As I mentioned above that you must challenge yourself. This will cause some pain for sure, but it will carry you forward with your pursuit. Also, this is an obvious repercussion that one will want to give up at some point in time. But again the motivation factor comes in. There is no time to rest on the due process of achieving something.

  • Regularity

One more essential thing to keep in mind is that regularity is the most important part. Suppose you start with the yoga practice, and take a break for a day or two, and again follow your routine. This is very dangerous as this can put on you more weight. I am not saying to practice this skill seven days a week. Rather, you can do it for three days a week. But there should be equal intervals in between your sessions.

Teachers have experience, tricks, and knowledge. Hence, you should get yourself a well experienced qriyo yoga instructor in Mumbai or 8 other cities who would teach you the right postures. Well, it is not good to experiments with your own body. You may have a personal trainer through our home tuition app.

  • Prioritize

We do so many things in a day. Of course, they consume energy. But practicing yoga after the age of 40 definitely demands enough energy. Let yourself save as much energy so that it can be utilized in the right place. Learn to prioritize yourself over rest all. Actually, this happens often that we compromise on our health for various reasons.

  • Hydrate yourself

Water is the greatest source to stay fit. It acts as an antioxidant, natural medicine and solvent. It no doubt has innumerable benefits. Hence we must have ample quantity of water each day. Moreover, adult bodies demand more water. Again with age, digestion capacity decreases. This is why hydrating yourself time to time is so useful.

  • Nutrition

We would be aware of the fact that to stay healthy, we should filter our diet chart. You should learn about the foods that your body needs and thrives on. Some examples can be anti-oxidants, calories count, fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc. Stay tuned to qriyo blog to get the vegetarian diet chart to lose weight.

  • Plenty of rest

You must get yourself at least 7 hours of sleep. Actually, sleep is very vital because our body needs rest after so much of vigorous exercises. Make it a ritual to sleep for 7 hours or more while you practice Ashtanga Yoga. Moreover, make sure you are quite disciplined about sleeping and waking up on time.

  • Oil your skin

Our skin needs so essential oils. Especially in winters, you should provide your skin with moisturizers. Some essential oils are castor oils, olive oils, almond oils etc. This will not just smoothen your skin but will also enhance your skin elasticity.

  • Massage

Massage is another good way to pamper the skin. Along with relaxing the body, it also opens up the skin pores. This way it becomes easy for the vital nutrients to get in the body. Getting regular massages with hot oils is the best way to rid away stress and tension. After all, by this age people are often prone to different stressors.


  • Deep breathing

While practicing the 8 parts of Ashtanga Yoga, make sure you spend your at least 5 minutes in breathing exercises. This shall help your respiratory system to get ample of oxygen. With higher blood circulation rate, more oxygen shall reach your brain that will eventually let you think better. Hence it is very beneficial for Ashtanga Yoga after 40.

  • Better yourself

You can a yoga instructor at home as I already mentioned, else you can also read about how Ashtanga Yoga after 40 should be practiced. There is a lot more you can discover about your body. Hence,  know from different sources how to better yourself with time.

  • Honor the changes in your body

Last but not the least, know that it is never too late to start. if you are starting now, its still better. Therefore, don’t fear to practice asanas like Supta Kurmasana. There are just no age barriers. Your body would also undergo changes at this age. Embrace such changes. And this way, cross milestones happily for the rest of your life!

It is said that when people get older, they demand more attention. Well, that’s very true. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to get a yoga teacher at home who would give you the entire attention. Moreover, you will find it easier to perform the asanas and other exercises with perfection. We provide the best home tutors in Mumbai for you, right at your doorstep. All you need to do is to rush to our home tuition website or simply download our home tuition app!