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10 Shocking mars facts for kids, Mars has new records to beat

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Well, we all know about Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to colonize Mars before Earth goes turns unliveable due to climate change. In this post, you will get to know about some of the most amazing mars facts for kids as well as for adults. Will we ever visit Mars? If yes, then we should definitely know about it before going. Let’s find out what’s Mars is made of and what are the mysteries of Mars that are waiting for us in the future.

Top 10 mars facts for kids:

  1. Mars is named after the Roman God of WAR

    Due to the red color of the planet Mars, it was named after the Roman God of War in the ancient times.

  2. Remember 8848 meters? Ya, that’s Everest, make it triple on Mars

    Mars has the tallest mountain in the entire solar system which is about 22 km tall. The mountain is called Olympus Mons. It was discovered in the 19th century and is the largest and youngest volcano shield on Mars. I guess climbers will prepare for an expedition race to claim the first man/woman to conquer this thing. This is one of the most astonishing mars facts for kids.

  3. How long is one day and one year on Mars?

    Mars takes 24.6 hours to complete one rotation on its axis. It also takes 1.88 of what Earth takes to complete one revolution of the Sun. Therefore, one day at mars is 40 minutes longer the Earth’s and one year on Mars is 687 days of Earth. Yes, you will have to twice as long to celebrate the new year.

  4. Does Mars have Seasons?

    Like our Earth, Mars is also tilted along its axis which causes different seasons throughout the year.

  5. All those who think they are overweight, just don’t forget to buy a ticket to Mars

    Mars’ gravity is 38% of the Earth’s gravity. If a person weighs 100 kg on Earth, she will only weigh 38 kg on Martian surface. I wonder the will be the height of the basketball ring given that we will be able to jump much higher? Come on Elon Musk, speed up so we can find out in this lifetime. Our current BMI (body mass index) and a lot of other calculation will need reformation as per the Martian gravity. You will get a new bodyweight goal to achieve.

  6. Highest and lowest temperature on Mars

    Mars can be as cold as -153 degree Celcius (because it is farther from the sun) and as hot as 70-degree Celcius. Interestingly, the lowest temparature ever recorded on the Earth is -89.2 degree Celcius.

  7. Mars doesn’t have any Magnetic field

    Mars doesn’t have a hot liquid core which creates a magnetic field and the atmosphere is also very thin, 96% of which is carbon dioxide. But, it does have a magnetosphere. What’s a magnetosphere, you ask? Well, it is a layer that protects a planet from electrically charged foreign objects from space crashing in the surface. But, Mars’ magnetosphere is not as extensive as earth’s. We would still be fine though, probably.

  8. Is there water on Mars?

    Scientists have evidence that says there is frozen water (about the size of Texas and California combined) beneath the Martian surface. But, in September 2015, NASA announced the new evidence that suggests liquid water flow on Martian surface that. This breakthrough was achieved through Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which detected hydrated minerals the Martian slope, the place where we see red streaks on the Mars. Disappointingly, United Staes Geological Survey (USGS) conducted a fresh study of this astonishing discovery recently only to find out that those red streaks are mere marks of sand, not water.

  9. Two moons of mars

    Imagine gazing upon not one, but two moons at night. Yes, Mars has two Moons named Phobos which means fear and Deimos which means panic. But they both are ridiculously small moons. Phobos has a diameter of 22.2 km and Deimos has a diameter of 12.6 km. These moons are named after the horses of Greek God Ares’ chariot. These mars facts for kids are not just for kids.

  10. How big is Mars?

    Mars is 1/10th of Earth’s mass. By comparing volume, we find that Mars’ volume is 1/6th of the volume of Earth. Diameter wise, Mars is at 6790 km and the Earth is at 12750 km, which means Mars is slightly bigger than only one half of the Earth. Guess we will have to properly manage our population levels this time with a smaller planet.

NEXT UP: The possibility of colonizing the mars? How will we live in a hostile atmosphere that only has carbon dioxide & frozen underground water? I highly suggest you bookmark qriyo blog because you need to know this. 

mars facts for kids

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mars facts for kids