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7 Awesome gifts for children, but not just gifts

Mansi Mittal 0

Is your child’s birthday coming up and you don’t want to gift them something that is all fun but not useful? Then this article will give you great gift ideas for children. They are not just gifts for children, they are an opportunity for parents to point children towards the right direction. Your gift plays a great role in shaping the next 6 months or a year of your child. That could then result in a new skill or personal development. If not a birthday, Christmas and new year are right around the corner.

These gifts are age appropriate ones, some of them are suitable for children and some of them can be more suitable for a teenager.

Useful gifts for children

  1.  DIY (Do it yourself) kits

    gifts for children

    This reminds of a famous YouTuber, Casey Neistat who believes in “Build over buy”. DIY kits are a great way to impart creative skills and an aptitude for science in children. Since a lot of kids these days run away from science projects because they don’t have a proper exposure and practical experience, DIY kits will encourage them to build something from scratch and get to know how things are made and how they work. There are lots of fun DIY kits available online that apart from being a gift, are also a way to learn something new. DIY kits are suitable for small children, a teenager won’t be happy to see a DIY kit on their birthday. However, you can still gift them on other occasions, if you think its useful for them to understand science better, as I have mentioned in my previous post.

  2. An equipment upgrade for their hobbies

    gifts for children

    If your child has an interest in learning piano, or guitar, or any other hobby, then now is the time to gift them a new equipment and take their skill to a new level. As you must already know, if someone pursues a skill right from the childhood, there is a very good chance of that translating into a successful career. Academics are not the only way to succeed in life. Gifting these equipment doesn’t require a specific age, your child should have an interest in pursuing their hobby. If they like photography, gift them a new camera. If they like skating, gift them new skates. Gifts for children have to be something they love otherwise it’s not a gift, get them something related to any hobby that they are into.

  3. A computer upgrade

    gifts for children

    Every child uses a computer for different purposes. If your child likes to design new things, or he/she wants to learn video editing, then gifting them a mid-high-end computer upgrade is a great idea. You can either go for the parts-upgrade or get a new PC altogether, depending on your current one. Children are always curious, today, even a small kid knows how to operate a computer. However, you should keep a degree of discipline in your home, so that the child never misuses the gadgets. That being said, children over 6th or 7th grade can start to show interest in a valuable computer skill (editing, drawing, etc).

  4. Video games

    gifts for children


    Even if your child likes to play video games, you should not restrict them entirely. Video games in moderation play an imperative role in child’s brain development. You can gift them new strategy games or mission games. Video games can easily be played on a good computer, not necessarily on a game console. Gmaes are also age apropriate. Just make sure to check the label of the game, if it’s 18+, better wait for it a few more years. Video games are great gifts for children, and they don’t have to be addictive, that will totally depend on your house rules.

  5. Art and Craft restock and tutorials

    gifts for children

    If your child gives the vibe of a future artist, then you definitely want to find out. You can invest in art and craft supplies, surprise them with a big restock that has everything they would need for near future. Encourage them to make new things, take part in school competitions and get better each day. You can also decorate their room with the work of famous artists so that your child can always take inspiration from them. Also, new art and craft tutorials can be a good complement. These books are available in a bookstore, you can take your kids there so that they can choose their favorite craft tutorials. They are not just gifts for children, but also gifts for teenagers, depending on their interest. I for one was a famous artist during my school days and used to spend a lot of time in the art room.

  6. Books

    gifts for children

    If your child loves reading books, then they will be happy to get new books to read. Books are something a kid should start reading from a very early age. It’s sad to see lots university graduates cannot even comprehend an essay. Because reading to them was an obligation to clear the exams. There are lots of books available for children of all age groups. Small children get excited by colorful storybooks that contain beautiful illustrations. Even our schools have now started to include book reading in the curriculum, to teach valuable lessons and to impart reading skills to children. If your ward doesn’t read books yet, then gift them something else, but do include one book that could ignite their interest. Encourage them to read, by telling them stories, and reading with them.

  7. Plan an adventurous tripgifts for children

    You and your child really use a time off, to bond and discover new things. It is really important for a person to go places and explore different lands. Also, anyone would love to travel on the occasion of their birthday. You can plan a fun and educational trip. Take the children to some historical places, hire a tour guide and get to know how the kings fought wars, how the forts were built, what exactly happened in jallianwala bagh and lots of other tales. This trip could bring you closer to your child, be their friend and make some new memories. This takes an important place on my list of gifts for children because the world is filled with astonishing things waiting to be gazed upon. We must try to explore as much as we can.

So there you have it, 7 usefuls gifts for chldren that are not just gifts. 

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