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7 things to keep in mind before starting Yoga

Mandeep Gill 0

Yoga is an art one needs to master if they want to reap the countless benefits that come with it. Unlike other exercises, before starting yoga, one requires a great deal of accuracy, patience, and practice to finally start to deliver positive results.

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So, there are 7 things to keep in mind before starting yoga. So that you make the most out of it.

  • Flexibility

If you’re starting just now, it is absolutely okay if you lack in terms of flexibility. So do not force yourself to do a specific pose or you may end up hurting yourself. Instead, just let your instructor know that you’re having trouble doing a particular pose. He/she may teach you an alternate pose. With time, you will notice an improvement in flexibility and finally proceed to intermediate and advanced stages.

  • Concentration

Yoga has a tonne of benefits but in order to reap those benefits, you need to do it right. It’s all about mind and body connection. When you perform prayanama (breathing variations) for instance, you really have to concentrate on your every breath, feel the air leaving and entering your body. When you’re done, there should be an indescribable feeling inside you. A satisfaction that can only be felt if you do it right and cannot be explained in words.

  • Patience and a Calm Mind

If you’re a type of person that likes to do things on the run, well, you’re going to have to spare a dedicated time slot for Yoga. Before starting Yoga and while you’re at it, your mind should not be thinking about your pending project in the office or the groceries you have to buy later in the day. If you have decided to spare 30 minutes to do yoga, then you should perform every pose with the required form and speed without worrying whether you’ll be able to finish the session on time or not. If you rush, you won’t get that indescribable feeling that I was talking about.

  • Clothing

There is a reason why Yoga pants are recommended to do Yoga. Unlike other workouts that can be managed by simple lowers, Yoga requires a lot of stretching which can be hampered if you’re not wearing stretchable clothes. Some people start with normal lowers because they are not so sure
whether they will continue Yoga or not, and if do continue, they just do not upgrade their clothing thinking they can manage 45 minutes of Yoga uncomfortably. While you definitely can manage those 45 minutes, what you are not realizing is, the benefits for you are limited. If you do not allow your body to stretch freely, you won’t be able to make the most out of Yoga. So it’s always a good idea to arrange for comfortable yoga pants or any substitute before starting yoga.

  • No shoes

Yoga is supposed to be done barefoot in order to feel the ground and make a connection. Your shoes won’t allow you to get that feeling. Also, some poses are complex and cannot be performed with shoes on.

  • No phones

Imagine you’re finally about to achieve that peaceful feeling. You just want to hold on to that and suddenly your phone rings up. That would not only irritate you but can also make you want to quit the session. Your phone, no matter how important, should bid you goodbye before starting yoga. Your concentration, like I said earlier, should only be on Yoga and nothing else, you have to commit to it. That is also one of the reasons why you should perform Yoga early in the morning. That’s the time when you are least likely to get a text or a call.

  • Accuracy

Every Yoga pose is designed to fulfill an objective, and if you do not do it with the highest accuracy, you may not achieve that objective. You must learn how to perform various asanas of Yoga correctly to reap its benefits. Make a healthy investment and get a Qriyo Yoga teacher at home. Invest today to see the results in future.

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