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5 of the best English books for class 11 to get better at English

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English is a subject of great importance to students. Since we live in a global crowd where English is widely used, it is necessary to communicate well in English.  And this is why Indian education is emphasizing over the English language. The following lists best English books for class 11, which you must study from to enhance your English language skills.

5 best English books for class 11:

  1. NCERT Hornbill and Snapshots

    best English books for class 11

Almost all CBSE schools prefer following the NCERT publications as textbooks. Along with interesting tales to read, they also provide great knowledge of grammar and writing skills. Their textbooks are easily available in Indian stores. In conclusion, the NCERT books are a reliable source of learning and definitely among the best english books for class 11.

Authors~ CBSE pattern

Publisher~ NCERT publications

Price (Hornbill)~ Rs. 43 and Price (Snapshots)~ Rs. 31.

  1. Golden English Core for class 11

    best English books for class 11

Another book also following the CBSE guidelines is the publication by Golden. In addition to a summary of chapters from NCERT, they also provide questions occurring in the past year papers. Their chapter begins with a summary of the chapter, important words, grammar skills etc. Finally, it ends with a different variety of questions with solutions too. One of the best reference books for class 11 CBSE english.

Authors~ R. K. Gupta, R. N. Vashishta

Publishers~ Laxmi Publications

Price~ Rs. 535

  1. Oxford Communicative English Resource book for class 11

    best English books for class 11

Much as the above-mentioned book, Oxford publications too never lag behind in generating helpful books. A resource book, as the name suggests, the book most of all contains sample past year papers too. The easy language and bright presentation of the book attract the eye of the reader. One of the top English books for class 11 to practice from.

Authors~ Renu Kaul and Neena Kaul

Publishers~ Oxford

Price~ Rs. 333

  1. All in one English core for class 11

    best English books for class 11

To achieve flying colors in the class 11 examinations, this book serves a great help. It has been the first choice for students and teachers since its first edition. Moreover, the book covers proses, poetries, literature and also provides insight knowledge to the same.  Most noteworthy, the well-organized book focuses largely on a topical study that can help the high aspirants score well in their exams.

Authors~ Gajendra Singh and Kapil Sabbarwal

Publishers~ Arihant publications

Price~ Rs. 385

  1. Oswaal book series for class 11

    best English books for class 11

First of all, the book follows the excellent orientation of pattern and level of questions. Especially relevant to the book is that it provides appropriate explanations to the questions given in the textbook. Along with this, integrated exercises are given to improve the flexibility of the students. Finally, the book series aim for their students to do well in all the areas along with passing with flying colors in their exams. This definitely deserves a thumbs up for a variety of questions to practice, which is the best guide for class 11 english.

List of books:

  1. Chapter wise Question bank for class 11 English core. Price~ Rs. 210
  2. CBSE sample papers for class 11. Price~ Rs. 134
  3. Oswaal Canterville Ghost with a summary by Oscar Wilde. Price~ Rs. 69

Authors~ Panel of experts

Publishers~ Oswaal

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