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5 of the best singing classes in Mumbai

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Stressful and distressing day!! Nothing can be more relaxing than singing aloud in hot water shower. Well.. yes singing creates a tranquilizing effect on mood and temperament. It is a passion for some and a way to make daily bread for some. Every individual enjoys singing in their own way. Research has revealed that singing can diminish certain stress hormones and simultaneously strengthen the immune system of the body. Singing is a natural anti-depressant and improves mental alertness as well as memory. In addition, it effectively improves concentration. Together with these benefits singing is now transforming into a full-fledged profession. Due to expanding career opportunities, various institutes are emerging and offering professional degrees and courses. Furthermore, Mumbai is emerging as the major hub of eminent singing institutes. So, the following enlists some of the best singing classes in Mumbai.

Here are some of the best singing classes in Mumbai:

  • Vocalite Singing Classes


Best Singing Classes In Mumbai


It is an institution located in Mumbai and offers a variety of courses in Indian classical and soft vocal music. The major aim of Vocalite Singing Classes is to preserve and propagate the dying classical music and to instill in young generation a love for it. It conducts separate batches for different age groups. Furthermore, to enhance the learning process, the institute holds one to one classes, small group classes with 4-5 students as well as large group classes with 15-20 students. alk about best singing classes in Mumbai, this one cannot miss a spot.

Contact No.- 22 4266 9682

  • The Laren’s School of Music

    best singing classes in Mumbai

The Laren’s School of Music was formed in the year 2000. It is one of the leading institutes for the teaching of western classical music in the state of Mumbai. This institute caters over 1000 students every year. Along with vocal music classes, it also provides training for musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, and recorder). They have well-qualified and experienced faculty members.

Contact No.- 098214 64246


  • Psalms School of Music


best singing classes in Mumbai

When you want a huge array of courses to choose from then Psalms School of Music is the most appropriate place. The institute provides flexible and well-structured courses to their students. Till date, they have trained more than 1500 students over the last 5 years in various courses as well as in certain instruments like Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Spanish Guitar. It conducts classes for both children and adults. In addition, the institute provides training for various competitions in schools and colleges. This is surely one of the best singing classes in Mumbai.

Contact No.- 22 6529 2160


  • Vyas Sangeet Vidyalaya

best singing classes in Mumbai

Vyas Sangeet Vidyalaya is a prominent music school in Mumbai which conducts classes of Indian Classical Music. Along with vocal music classes, it also provides training for diverse instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Violin. The institute was started 73 years ago with the main aim to impart quality education to their students.

Contact No.- 22 2438 3188


  • Theme Music Institute

best singing classes in mumbai

Theme Music Institute is a renowned music school in the state of Maharashtra. It is a revolutionary music school that includes the Best Music Learning Models, course materials from the world’s most renowned music publishers. In addition, Theme Music Institute also conducts Examinations by internationally recognized Music Examination Boards. Furthermore, the institute even organizes several competitions so that students can get an opportunity to showcase their talent and enhance their confidence.

Contact No.- +91 1129234415


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  • Kadambari Sangeet

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