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How To Boost your Tutoring Career

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Tutoring is a lucrative career option. It brings good reputation & respect, Time flexibility and obviously good money. In India professional tutors can earn anyway between INR 2,500/-  to INR 10,000/- per monthly class, depending upon the class of student and tutor expertise. Qriyo helps you find such tuition opportunities or tutoring jobs. That too, on your smartphone.

Simply download the Qriyo Guru app and start applying for home tuition opportunities near you.


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Many tutors are earning handsome amounts every month from Qriyo platform. Qriyo is India’s first managed home tuition app, which takes care of complete cycle of home tuition. To succeed as a Qriyo Guru remember a simple 4 letter word “LEAP”.


L stands for “No Leakage”

E stands for Ethics & etiquettes

A is equal to Regular Attendance

P is Punctuality & Professionalism


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L For No Leakage,


This is probably the most important rule.

What is leakage? When a guru engages with the customer directly and bypasses Qriyo’s system is called leakage. This is generally done to avoid commission Qriyo charge. Doing this looks a beneficial thing for one tuition, but this will harm you in long run.

Why doing leakage will harm your tutoring career? At Qriyo our team is constantly working towards getting more tuitions, improving apps and conducting training programs for tutors. Without this commission, the whole system will fail to harm everyone. Also, we detect leakage by a position tracking and offline team. We believe in honesty and ethics. Once a tutor’s leakage is detected he is permanently debarred from the system and is liable for fine. Also, low demo conversion and low renewals will harm your profile and you will receive fewer tuitions. You will also lose all Qriyo Loyalty programme benefits.

E For Ethics & etiquettes


Teaching is the noblest profession in the world, hence From a Tutor highest standard of Ethics and etiquettes are expected. inappropriate behaviour with students or parents, personal messages and Not maintaining a student – Teacher conduct is considered as a serious offence. Always maintain a proper decorum, dress well and talk politely. It will not only boost your teaching career but also make you a better person.

A For Regular Attendance


Usage of the app is critical for payments & solving disputes ( Learn How To Use Qriyo App, Short Video ). You must mark attendance on the app as soon as class is over, This will help you remember the correct dates and in the case of any dispute can be presented. Without marking attendance your payment can not be released. Many times customers have an issue regarding no. of days you taught if everything is marked properly on the app, on the same day of tuition such situation will not arise. You must also mark leaves at least 24 hours before and avoid unplanned leaves. In case you take some leaves you should compensate those classes, If a customer takes a leave by informing you beforehand 2 of them should be compensated.

P For Punctuality & Professionalism  


Time is money, be on time. Leave early for class if you are using public transport. Do not share your personal phone number with the customer and use in app chat and call to connect for security and privacy purpose. Not Showing up for a demo or canceling class without information is a serious concern. Be professional about it, inform Qriyo and customer 24 hours before, You can do this via the app.


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Do you want to take home tuition near you? Simply download the Qriyo Guru App and start teaching. Download the Qriyo Guru App


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