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5 Childhood obesity causes. 4th one matters

Rekha Tekwani 0

Obesity is a chronic disease that leads to overweight. This issue is highly observed among children who are usually attracted to unhealthy eating habits. Here is a list of integral childhood obesity causes.

Childhood Obesity Causes :

  1.  Trans Fats:

    childhood obesity causes

    The most crucial factor that gives rise to child obesity is the heavy intake of fast food that contains trans fat. These include potato chips, burger, pizza, french fries etc. This increases the calorie intake at a greater amount which eventually leads to overweight and anxiety.

  2. Frequent Eating Habits:

    Growing children are often likely to eat more at every single hour. Due to which the portion size rises rapidly. As we know, an excess of anything is harmful. Likewise, if eating habits aren’t in control, it will lead to weight gain and then to diseases like obesity.

  3. Family Factors:

    It is again one of the most crucial reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of obesity. Healthy eating is a must and this should be initiated from the base itself. The type of food intake matters the most as the child adopts the same. There can be dissimilarities between the families, maybe the sufficient amount of proteins is not provided to the child. It can also be a hereditary problem and is later passed on to the child as well.

  4. Lack of Workout:

    childhood obesity causes


    In order to live a healthy lifestyle, one needs to work out daily. According to the studies, a person lacking with physical activity is prone to such diseases. Even an extra hour of television daily may contribute to 2% of obesity.  TV commercials also promote unhealthy eating habits as compared to healthy eating. This influences the customers towards junk food. As a result, the food lacks in essential proteins, nutrients etc. and causes obesity.

  5. Depression:

    A conducted survey states that the effect of depression on the brain can affect your brain which may cause such diseases. Depression may arise due to certain disapproval or disappointment. Moreover, this reason can also contribute to the growth of obesity. Due to depression, the Body Mass Index (BMI) eventually increases leading to anxiety and weight gain.

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