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15 characteristics of a good leader, 11th will set you apart

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Common questions that keep you wondering about leadership and characteristics of a good leader:

  • What is leadership?
  • The definition of a leader?
  • What are the leadership qualities?
  • Which qualities make a leader successful?
  • How do I become a great leader?

These are some of the common questions that mean a lot to most of the persons aspiring to become a successful leader. Leadership is the art of inspiring and motivating a certain group of people who are working towards a common objective and goal. To be more precise, the leader works as an inspiration and as a leading director to guide and act to perform a task. Another common query in this regard is pertaining to the question whether a leader is a born leader or a leader is made. Some people are bestowed with leadership qualities naturally whereas some people develop their skills and prove their worth and capabilities as a leader. A leader has certainly some extraordinary leadership qualities that distinguish him from others and make others to follow him.

If you are looking for the answers to all such queries pertaining to the leader and leadership qualities, you are going through the right blog as this blog post explains the leadership qualities of characteristics of a successful leader.

15 characteristics of a good leader

  1. One of the most important characteristics of a good leader- VISION:

    A successful leader has always a vision as he maps his out his success journey step by step. Furthermore, he shares his vision with his downline teammates and makes a strategy to work towards his vision and achieve the goal.

  2. FOCUS:

    Focusing and concentration- these are two difficult practices to master. It’s not so easy to be focussed as there are a lot of reasons to get distracted. Sometimes, the environment in office or social media or multitasking practices- some or the other reason exists to divert. Hence, for a successful leader, this is very important to keep focused amongst all distractions.


    Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses. One of the major leadership qualities is to have the quality of delegation. Once a leader realizes the potential and pluses and minuses of his teammates, he delegates the job in accordance with his strengths.


    A successful leader takes the blames on himself more than of his share and takes lesser of the credit of his share. He is always open to listen to criticism. Furthermore, the perfect leader doesn’t hesitate at all in admitting his mistakes and assuring the improvement in his way of working.


    Confidence is one of the most important leadership qualities. A successful leader always remains confident in challenging situations also. He inspires his team to ignore the odds of success journey. In addition to this, he maintains his full confidence level and doesn’t allow anything to deter him from achieving the goal.


    Another major quality of a successful leader is, to be honest, and sincere. His integrity and sincerity level help in building lasting trust amongst the teammates. Undoubtedly, having strong values, ethics, sincerity, and integrity play the vital role in making a leader successful.


    There are two types of leaders. One leader drives the team to work hard. Whereas another leader is always beside their teammates to support and guide them. He always maintains his commitment level with his team members. A successful leader always leads by example.


    Leadership qualities include the habit of positivity. The team always expects the high level of motivation which becomes difficult with the negative attitude of the leader. The leader is always a part of the solution and not a problem. In spite of all the odds in the success journey, the leader has to keep the spirits high and maintain the positive attitude.


    A successful leader needs to be a man of firm decision. He must have enough decisive power within himself. Sometimes when you have to decide within no time, hasty wrong decision yields to better results than a wishy-washy decision. He must not be indecisive under any sort of circumstances.


    Communication skill is the major quality of a successful leader. Unless and until you are not able to communicate your expectations, your feelings or shortfall in your expectations, you just can’t expect the perfection in your task. At the same time, you also need to bring out the hesitations or feeling of your teammates by establishing proper communication with them.


    While carrying out various tasks, as a leader, you have to use your creativity so many times. A leader has to think out of the box especially under the odd situation. This would help the leader in motivating the teammates to carry out their jobs under any sort of circumstances. This also keeps up the team in high spirits. Creativity is the need of the hour in this dynamic world where you are probably reading this article on an outdated device. A leader must always be creative to cope with the future changes. Therefore, this one of the most important characteristics of a good leader.


    Another one of the major leadership qualities is having fantastic inter-personal relations with all the team members. A successful leader must understand the approach and thought process of each and every team member. This would also make easier for him to make the groups of the members having aligned thoughts whenever necessary. This qualitiy of a leader is in fact one of the must have characteristics of a good leader. This is the thing that differentiates a leader from a manager.


    A successful leader has to be pro-active and not reactive. As a leader, he needs to judge the problem in advance through different resources or his intelligence level. He should be able to foresee the problem as well as the solution. Once the problem or adverse situation has cropped up, it’s of no use to curse others or blame others for causing the problem.


    As a leader, this is extremely important to be transparent while working in a company or performing some task. The leader must not adopt the habit of wearing a mask. Sometimes, the leader keeps restricted within himself and doesn’t share the flaws or challenges of tasks or anything which ultimately yields to adverse results or unhappy situation with colleagues. As a leader, one must trust his/her team members and make them trust back.


    As the old quote says, ” Persistence beats resistance. ” The quote is absolutely right especially in case of a leader. The fact is that great things or major results take time in taking the final shape. Persistence is one quality that makes you sustain under all the circumstances. A successful leader has always the will to go beyond horizons where nobody dares to try.CONCLUSION:
    In the conclusion, we may say that the successful leader is the combination of various characteristics. The above leadership qualities help in making the leader successful. We find that Ray Kroc has rightly said-


“The quality of a leader reflects the standards they set for themselves.”

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characteristics of a good leader
characteristics of a good leader