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Chess Game: Enhances your kid’s memory

Abhipsa Panda 0

“A classical game of tactics, strategy, thinking, and reflection is chess. But major of all, chess is skilful memory game!” this is a review cited by Gobet and Simmon in their research paper in 2000 which was titled as educational values of chess.

The game also known as shatranj, has its origin in the 6th century India and is popular worldwide for its efficiency to improve one’s day to day skills. In today’s competitive generation where technology is spreading roots, strong memory of an individual still has vital roles in success especially for school going students. The enhancing memory of their kids stands an important role of the parents too. Now be that be just memorizing moves of each chess piece or that be the game positions. In fact, high-level players, rearrange the entire board by seeing the already placed pieces for just a few seconds.

So there are ten major benefits of chess and how can this mere game, boost your kid’s memory.

1. Chess makes people sober.

Chess game

A silent environment is best for playing Chess. One has to channel their entire energy to make smart moves. Researches say that our mind functions more smartly and effectively in silent environments. This way, practising chess makes people sober. Sober people have higher memory standards.

2. Intelligence quotient is raised.

Intelligence Quotient is the score derived from several standardized tests to measure a human’s intelligence. IQ is an essential parameter to judge a person professionally these days. Since chess exercises our brain, and we tend to become smarter. In fact, this is proved by a successful study conducted by the US. Playing chess leads to developments to help children to increase their abilities outside of chess too.

3. Chess can be implied to real life situations.

Chess game

Teaches one to think from every angle. Chess involves the player to think wisely from every possible aspect and also about how the opponent shall turn his/her move. This is called thinking from every possible angle. Not just this, one learns to exercise the right amount of power at the right time. One can relate the game of chess to real life situations  like it was very closely related to the epic Mahabharata. 

4. Promotes brain growth.

Chess challenges the brain. Brain cells open up and also improves brain-neuron communication. More oxygen is supplied to the brain. The healthier the brain is, the higher are the memory standards! This is why it is recommended especially for the kids to learn and play chess.

5. Sparks creativity.

Chess game

There are two sides of our brain, right side is involved in intelligence while the left side in creativity. While we play chess, we use both the sides of our brain. The reason is that the player tends to make moves both analytically and socially. Since our left side is involved too, creativity cells are induced and sparked! I doubt if any other game has such ample of benefits.

6. Chess teaches you patience.

Yet another life lesson is to be patient in every situation. Chess is one of the best teachers to learn to be patient. Let me tell you how. Suppose you can very well predict the next move of your opponent. And since you can’t reveal your next move according to theirs, you tend to be quite. The capacity of one to tolerate and deliver the right thing at the right time teaches patience.

7. Chess lets you think analytically.

Chess game

Chess enables one to be analytic, as mentioned previously. Being analytic is very essential to think wisely first and only then make a move. Now may it be life situations or the game itself. Analysing things before acting certainly gives better and desired outputs.

8. Learning in chunks.

Chess, no doubt is played in chunks. Psychologists say chunking is one of the best methods to learn. Little information at a time with repeated to the same, enhances the ability to learn better. Every parent must teach to their children this beneficial method of learning.

9. Chess is a sport.

Chess game

Chess is categorized into the indoor sport. It is so because chess builds up sportsman spirit. Sports are every important in one’s lives. It not just keeps the man fit, but also increases social connections. Interestingly, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We can very well infer how essential sports are.

10. Chess players are least prone to Alzheimer’s.

The New England Journal of Medicine says ‘use it or lose it’ for our brain activities. Chess stimulates our brain activity and thus we can ignore such deadly brain diseases. Just a prior game can help drive away diseases too. I hope I would need to elaborate more on benefits of this mere game to accelerate memory.

As we saw chess has not just health benefits, but also personality development, memory skills, etc. No doubt chess is one of the best methods to accelerate a child’s comprehensive development and you will surely need a good home tutor for the same. Choose from 300+ courses of Qriyo, or simply download the Qriyo Home Tuition App.
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