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How can your child overcome bullying?

Mandeep Gill 0

A lot of school kids today around the globe need to overcome bullying. Have you ever wondered why a child become prey? Why is your child a victim? A weakness in childhood needs to be overcome if you want to ensure a smooth adulthood and professional success.

It all depends on the upbringing and surroundings of your child. I for one was a victim in my childhood, mainly because I am the only child of my parents. I did not experience the fights of siblings, which rendered me a rookie when it came to a conflict.

Parents’ overprotective nature can also be the reason for the child to develop a soft attitude. You have got to let your children find their own way, protecting them more than you should and over pampering them won’t go to their benefit. It makes them more dependent on you, and they are not able to get a good exposure of the outside world. There should be a balance in everything, if you keep doing things for your children, it will stop them from learning.

overcome bullying

Give them some freedom, to speak, to share and to pursue their hobbies. Discuss things with them (homework, play, school, food, anything), make them talk to you every day, their ability to speak freely helps in developing a personality that is hard to bully.

You should focus on the development of child’s skill-set. Do not let the time pass with just studies only, make them take self-defense lessons, or any other hobby they might have. The more developed your child is, the higher chances of success in future, bullies will be the least of their problems. Head to to find 300+ courses ranging from academics, fitness, self-defense, extracurricular, etc. All these courses are available at your home, download the home tuition app to know more.

First of all, you need to identify if your child is a victim, pay attention to what he talks about school, how often he wants to take an off, what he might be hiding from you, etc. Here a few tips that can help your child overcome bullying:

1. Ignore bullies

overcome bullying

Frist step is to not care. The more you care, the more you will get bullied. Remember, bullies need attention and victims give them by reacting to their every act. If someone is calling you by a bad name, it’s best not pay any heed to it, soon it will be forgotten. But if you react to that name, show disagreement
and oppose it, they will get encouraged, they will know it bothers you and they won’t stop calling you by that name. It will only become tougher to overcome bullying. So do not aggravate the situation by reacting to it. Make sure to tell his to your child very clearly, at the same, tell him to not get angry and engage in a conflict with bullies, we are better than this.

2. Don’t isolate

After that mental breakdown viz, bullied by someone, he wants to just stay alone. Don’t let him do it, the more they stay alone, the more it will change them as a person and harder it will become to overcome bullying. In future, you don’t want them to become a person who does not like to talk or hang out with people. Instead, encourage them to go out and play with their friends, talk with them and let them know you’re there for them if they need to share something.

3. Praise your child

overcome bullying

To make them happy and overcome their emotional breakdowns from bullying, praise them for their good work and reward them. Make them realize they are good boys and girls. This will reinforce the feeling of being important and good in them. They will stop doubting their goodness in school because of some bully saying something bad about them.

4. Inform the teacher

Kids bully each other, and there should be a line drawn to protect those who bear excessive bullying. If your kid is being bullied and it is affecting his mental condition. Sometimes, it is not the child’s attitude that attracts bullies, may be the bullies are crossing the line. In order to overcome bullying, you can involve the teacher to keep a check on bullies

5. Involve bully’s parents

overcome bullying

It generally does not come to that point, but if it does, do not hesitate to involve the bully’s parents. Today, small school kids walk in their tiny gangs bullying other kids. In their games period, or somewhere else, they might cross the line of verbal abuse and start physically abusing the child. This level of bullying is dangerous for both the victim as well as the bully. On the one hand, the victim will have a mental breakdown worse than ever, it will hurt his
feelings and start negative thinking.

On the other hand, the bully’s attitude will only get worse in future which will seriously stop him from becoming a successful person in life. It is a good idea to let the bully’s parents know about their kid, may be they have no idea about their son’s attitude in school. It could well be a wakeup call for them. The most important thing to take note of is, how you raise your children shapes their attitude. Make them talk to you, make them participate in school debates, encourage them to take part in extracurricular activities. Staying inside won’t help them, exploring the outdoors will.

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