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Clay Pottery – Art Of Learning Through Multiple Senses!

Harshajith Harindran 0


Remember the first time you say alphabets?

Those strikes and curves that form to create meaning?
Then, they were as alien as those complex math equations used by rocket scientists. As you grew, you grew acquainted with those shapes, sensed the meaning in them, and slowly it sank into you. 
It is scientifically proven that if you associate a particular knowledge with a specific kind of smell, you are more likely to remember that information wen you hear it next. 
The same is the case with touch. 

Knowledge sinks deep into you when you experience it with more senses.

The numbers, shapes, and alphabet will sink into your kids mind faster and better if they are given a chance to know them both through touch and visuals.
So here is clay pottery coming to your rescue!
 It refers to the art or craft of a potter or the manufacture of pottery. The same can be applied to make 3-dimensional numbers, shapes and alphabets They will no longer be two-dimensional figures of an alien world, but a real life object that you can associate with its color, texture and the smell of clay. It is also easy to prepare numbers and alphabets to your tiny tot. All you require is a little bit of molding and painting. To make your work easier, there are ready-made clay figures available. 
So next time you teach your kid shapes and letters, make sure he does not just see that, but also touch and memorize in wonderful colors. Let your kid be faster and better!