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Clear Maths & Science Concepts in School

Anirudh Sharma 0
Likh Likh Kar Pada Hatheli Par, Alpha, Beta, Gamma Ka Chaala
Concentrated H2SO4 Ne Poora, Poora Bachpan Jalaa Daala

What can better sum up your childhood’s dilemma of Math & Science Keeda, than these wise-wise lines? That’s right, no one was, no one is and no one will ever be saved from the fury of Math & Science. (Barring the first row benches)

Most of us hated these two along with our droning school life. Didn’t you?We all questioned the existence of these two subjects and always searched around for their founders with a handsome reward on their heads.(We love Pythagoras & Newton)



You may give up to them, but they don’t leave you. It’s cruel but true. Be it IIT, Be it AIIMS or simply counting change at Ration Wale Bhaiya’s Shop, you need math and Science’s concepts in place.

Put in, these reasons are enough to explain you their importance in your cart. Have a look:



A number with three digits is always bigger than one with two?FALSE, like this, there lie many misconceptions and unclear concepts about science and math, which in turn affect our daily performance in carrying out activities. Hence why, emphasis should be laid on development of clear concepts in mathematics in a child, right from the primary classes.





Math & Science are everywhere. You name it, you will get it. Be it engineering exams, law exam, medical exam, or foreign universities and so on. Rather giving up on them in school, and then tirelessly polishing them later, one should work right from moulding stage.

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Time travel to 10-15 years from now and look out to your married life with your young ones roaming around you every minute with their homework. Think you don’t wanna be those eye blinking parents with no answers to their child’s questions? Then you must clear your concepts now.

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So next time, wipe out that ‘IM’ from Impossible, ‘NOT from cannot and let’s do some numbers.
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