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Common mistakes in board exams you must avoid

Abhipsa Panda 0

Board exams are fast approaching. Today’s generation believes more in smart work rather than hard work. Moreover, reduction of tasks to as far as possible is their trick to win in life. No doubt their hard work and consistency shall help them through the boards with flying colors. However, in the due process, students tend to commit mistakes that pull them back from their goals. Hence I bring to you today few very common mistakes in board exams. Interestingly, these facts are the statements of only the experts, but also my personal experience.

Before I tell my readers (especially the students) those common mistakes in board exams and their remedies, I would like to raise the importance of exams. Actually, the due process of education is to learn about the word with ease and enjoyment. Consequently, education is never a burden. And to those who find examinations a burden, let me clear one more fact. Well, examinations are a part of education system just for the students to find out their flaws. So that they can help in building the human better. They never mean to show those flaws to the world, but to the student themselves. And the best part is, boards are no different. They are just a level higher.

  • Here are some common mistakes in board exams~

I have divided them into two parts. One describing the mistakes before the examination and the other describes those made in the exam hall.

Common mistakes students make before the examination:

common mistakes in Board exams
  • Inappropriate sleep hours~

Sleeping is not just to rest a tiring body. It also means to regulate the processes happening in our bodies. Especially, during the exams, we stress ourselves and that’s why our mind needs some time for regeneration. Therefore, everybody recommends sound sleep for at least 7 hours. This leads to waking up fresh and great enthusiasm too. Remember, skipping of sleep is always disastrous, and none is an exception to the fact.

  • Skipping of diets~

Students are often found to skip meals in a misconception that they will save time. Just like studying for an exam is important, eating proper diet is also as necessary. Diets play an important role in proper functioning during that duration in the exam hall. Hence never skip or compromise on meals.

  • Nervousness~

As I earlier said that exams are not to fear the students. Well, exams no doubt bring anxiety, but on the same hand, they improve knowledge and skills too. I agree that there are some common mistakes students make during board exams, and this is one of them. But one must learn to overcome it too. After all, things we learn as children should be for a long run.

  • Studying continuously~

Studying without breaks results in lots of data to store at once for the brain. Consequently, students tend to forget. Hence they must take regular intervals with revision too. This shall build in confidence too.

  • Emotional mood swings~

This is again quite obvious to have mood swings while preparing for tough exams. Hence, one must concentrate on not only memorizing lessons but also on learning them smartly.

So these were some common mistakes in board exams.

I would now like to draw your attention to common mistakes in board exams in the examination hall.

  • Ignoring the instructions on the question papers~

Students often think that all the papers have the same set of rules and regulations. But, there are important tips on the question sheet that may be helpful. Hence, one must contribute at least 30 seconds to read them first, properly.

  • Not reading the questions well~

Upon not reading what the examiner is actually asking, students tend to commit mistakes for sure. Therefore, one must carefully, read the question twice or more. The next step should be organizing the answer the brain. This shall help them to present better. After all, there are easy makes for presentation too.

  • Diagrams fetch good marks~

Diagrams are easily scorable and hence they must neatly draw them with a pencil. Along with that, they should take special care of labeling the diagram correctly. Most importantly, diagrams are a great way to present answers. They make understanding easier.

  • Time management~

The most important tip during writing exams is to manage time well before beginning. Else, this often happens that we miss the questions that we leave to attempt later on. Henceforth, practicing time management is very necessary.

  • Leaving easy questions for later~

Easy questions propose the opportunity to be less time-consuming. Hence the advantage can be that one can find more time for the difficult ones. This is why one should never make this mistake at least. This is a great way to manage time. Also one should not write lengthy answers when falling short of time.

So we saw the common mistakes students make during board exams and remedies to them. I hope I could deliver some help to my readers. I Wish all the students who are going appear for boards a great luck. One more help is that we provide private tuitions for academics are various other skill. The best part is our home tuition website delivers service on your tap right at your doorstep. Just visit our home tuition website or download our home tuition app.