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Lazy Man’s Guide to develop good reading habit in children

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Did you know that September 8th is the International Literacy Day? I wasn’t aware of this, until yesterday, and so I missed the chance to eat some cupcakes. (I’m always looking for an excuse to eat cup-cake.) As a student and now as a blogger books and reading have always been at the bottom of my heart and they have always contributed in nurturing my personality. It is an activity that helps in developing the imagination of the child and aids them in increasing the concentration level. So the question arises that how to develop a good reading habit in children?

To understand this in a better manner let us take an example of the story narrated by Dr. Shweta. Since reading is a must-have skill which should be induced at an early age, Qriyo went to get an expert opinion from Dr.Shweta.  She has provided us a simple and easy ways develop a good reading habit in children.

Dr. Shweta Singh is one such person who has not just achieved the apex of her career as a dental specialist, yet additionally as a much looked for after storyteller to youthful kids. Gracious and how about we not overlook, she is a mother as well. This is the narrative of this astounding lady, who through her hourly sessions of instituting stories and puppetry, has conveyed grins to the characteristics of numerous kids from all edges of society.

There was continually something that inclined her to the innovative side of her. What’s more, narrating was one such art she extremely appreciated. Her adventure began by taking under her wings the girls of a security monitor and two or three other kids, leading hourly sessions, and granting information through fun and enlightening stories. She worked with recording studios to create intelligent stories on an online stage for a companion’s association in Pune. She actually has utilized these online instruments for narrating sessions with her own child and seeing her child’s eagerness and intrigue she understood the power and significance of narrating to sustain and instruct youthful kids.

“This is online, why not have something offline.”

And thus, BookNook was born. It has been over a year since she has been working in this field, and there is positively no thinking back for Dr. Singh. She had previously worked at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi and now shares a facility here in Jaipur with her better half, additionally a dental specialist. She is an incredible encapsulation for various profession directions, where one takes up what one’s heart needs, for this situation it is the affection for innovativeness and youngsters. Drawing and showing had dependably been her interests, and she soon acknowledged directing her energies and abilities towards intuitive narrating is altogether all the more fulfilling and pleasant, both for her and for the various children who have profited from her sessions.

Now, the story starts from the time when she was practicing as a dentist, she realized that children are very much soaked in gadgets. As a result, she decided to find a solution for her 7-year-old child. She uses to narrate his stories and therefore, she realizes that her son’s vocab was growing faster than that of his age. There are a number of ways that parents and teachers can help foster children’s in developing reading habits.

Most effective ways to for a good reading habit in children


    If you’re reading a book about ‘Charlie- A naughty teddy bear’. Relate the book plot to a real-life situation that your child had experienced. As a result, it helps them to remember the book and vocabulary better.


    Mooooo! Choooo! Boooo! They may sound embarrassing but somehow they’re very important for our children to know and learn larger words.


    Children love acting. Ask them to play a character from a fictional tale with complete dialogue. This helps them to motivate them to read a text.


    Don’t let your child limit to only traditional stories. Children also love to read non-fictional books like encyclopedias, newspaper, comic books, etc. This helps to induce interest in reading as their minds are always curious.


    Let your child read what they want if you force them your choice they will run from theirs.

Following these beneficial tips will surely make some difference in inculcating reading habits in toddlers. I hope this answered the question, “how to develop a good reading habit in students”.

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