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How can I donate books near me? Here’s how, in just 3 taps

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How can I donate books near me? 

If that’s the question you have been asking a lot lately, then we have a solution you’re gonna just love. Welcome to that lets you donate books without even stepping out of your home. Just tell us the details, OLA will pick up the books from your home and our partnered NGOs will do the rest of the job to distribute the books to the needy.

Watch how and also read below:

Education is a road that drives you straight to the path of success

The significance of this sentence cannot be denied but access to education in a country like India is a major challenge. Despite the presence of right to education which states compulsory education to children within the age group of 6-14, it is pretty ironic that approx. 50% of children do not have an easy approach to schools, books, stationeries etc. Annual Status Of Education Report 2016 states that the overall learning level of Indian students is miserably weak. Students who are said to be studying in class 5th  were unable to read a simple 2nd-grade sentence. So it is high time you asked yourself, “how can I donate books near me so that I can help the poor kids study better?”

Look around and you will plenty of books to donate, board games, stationery, etc. From now on, please do not sell them second hand, try donating them instead. It will give you the satisfaction you will never forget. To be able to cause even one smile on a poor kid’s face is a priceless joy.

Certain root causes attached to poor performance and absenteeism of children at school are:

  • Feeble financial position
  • Non-Affordability of books
  • Inefficient and incapable staff
  • Non-availability of washrooms

The most striking out of the above -mentioned points is the non-availability and affordability of textbooks. A survey conducted on students who don’t go to school reveals that 2 out of every 4 students are unable to attend school because of non-affordability of books, uniforms as well as stationery items.

Role of government and NGOs

Government plays an important role to reduce illiteracy by providing scholarships to students, Distributing free uniforms and textbooks etc. Apart from government efforts, there are certain N.G.O.s specifically aim to eradicate illiteracy. With various policies initiated by the government along with combined attempts of various non-profit organizations, there was a substantial increase in the illiteracy rates from 64.84% in 2001 to 74.04%in 2011.

Why is reading necessary?

Studies have revealed that reading books on a daily basis improves the cognitive and mental ability of the brain, but in India mere availability of basic books is still a far-fetched dream for some.

In middle-income families, the ratio of books to children is about thirteen books, whereas the ratio of books in low-income family groups is approx. one book per 275 children. This highlight the gloomy side of children belonging to an underprivileged family.

Qriyo’s revolutionary Initiative

Now to bridge the gap between those having surplus books and those who are in short of these books, Qriyo has started an initiative called where you can donate books, stationery items, bags, board games hassle-free. This groundbreaking initiative is the answer to your question, ” How can I donate books near me?” You don’t have to even step out of your homes to do so.

How can I donate books near me in just 3 taps on this website?

The website is extremely user- friendly and works in a very transparent manner. It displays how many books have been donated till now and by whom. As of now, more than 9000 people have donated more than 200,000 books and made a difference. Donate yours now!

Step 1: 

Visit and enter your certain basic information  (your email, your address, how many books you want to donate).

Step 2: 

We will schedule a pickup of those books from your home

Step 3:

Our logistics partner OLA will collect books from your house and hand them over to the some of the most trustworthy NGOs including Moini Foundation, Prayas, Naya Savera etc. who are categorically devoted to reform the education system of our country.

This initiative is receiving active support from Roundtable Jodhpur and Roundtable Jaipur who make sure that the books reach the needy students. The initiative is even assisted by an inspirational YouTube channel Civil Beings, with approx. 500k subscribers as of now.

The video has already gone viral and more than 50 thousand people have got this message through it.

If you haven’t watched the video already, scroll up and watch it.

So, hurry up and bring out the books accumulating dust in your cupboard and donate them to those who are in need of them. This small step can act as a lighthouse and illuminate their path to a bright future.

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donate books near me
donate books near me
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