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Finding the right balance between kids and technology


While reminiscing down the memory lane, I think of the times of bruised knees after cycling and post-dinner monopoly sessions full of the joy over victory and now when I look at the young generation, all I see are Instagram stories and snap streaks. I can not help but think the consequences of swapping gully cricket with play station. Since the past few years, we have seen a boom in the field of technology, there are things present no one in the past would have thought about. You can get almost anything and everything is done at just one tap of your finger. All these advancements have changed the dynamics between kids and technology.

But is it making our lives easy or is it making us slaves of the technology?

Now, I do understand the importance of technology, but what we need to realize is that there should be a balance between our lives and the technology, especially between kids and technology. I think it’s about time we begin to conclude what the consequences of this will be.

1.Social skills:

Sitting at restaurants I see toddlers playing on their parent’s phones instead of the parents interacting with their child. I think it will deprive children of a lot of social skills needed to survive in this society of ours.

2.Growing frustration: 

With kids spending more and more “screen time”, getting frustrated while playing games online. Violent games are a threat to the child`s innocence.

3. Lack of concentration:

Children have a constant and irresistible need to check their phones. It makes it difficult for them to concentrate properly, on the more important things.

4.Darker side: 

With a lot of information being present on the internet, children are exposed to certain things way too fast. The innocence of children is being threatened by the evil that exists on the internet.


To avoid all these things, it is important for parents to take some steps. This does not mean becoming psychotic hovering parents and cuts children off from all types of technology. Instead, activities, like limiting screen time, having a check on what your kid is doing online, limitation of technological interaction and replacing it with physical or enrichment activities instead, could help. Kids should be enjoying the outdoors and interact with other classmates, not sit behind a screen. Technology is not all bad but it’s not something that kids should be on frequently.

Yes, kids and technology are great,   but so are scented markers, handstands, books and mud puddles. Its all about the balance.

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