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Hacks to hangout with Annoying Kids, you’ll love the 5th one

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When was the last time, you wanted to just hug your child and never let them go?The time might have been a long time ago, probably when your kid was an adorable little baby! But the time flies by! And the only way you can make your child to hear you now is by bargaining with them. As obnoxious as it may sound, but there would have been times when all you wanted to do would have been to punish your annoying kids, so that they get the reason behind you being strict and why you wanted to do something in a particular way.

The kids can be annoying in many or to be precise in every other way, they want to be. And there is nothing much you can ever do about it. For the saying goes, “They are children, and they don’t know what is correct!” Be it crying on the floor of the shop because you wouldn’t buy them the toy, that would be just be played for two days, and is for sure out of the budget, or be it not showing the manners when you have guests over. Or simply, to irritate you, when you are doing your work.

If you tend to be strict with them, they only get to resist you more and you don’t get to know, what is happening in their lives. You will never get to know what is going on, and whether or not they are in some kind of trouble or not. The simple reason behind it is to “Be the coolest parent, and still be the strict one!
Confused? How would this amazing idea work?

Find below, a list of easy hacks for the annoying kids at home. And be the happiest parents!


          Made a huge purchase recently, but the carton is just lying around? And your kids, are bored with the already existing games, and keep pestering you to buy new ones? Well, what about making one for them at home itself?
          It is easy and simple, all you have to do is neatly open up the cardboard box, and to make sure that there are no staple pins or anything points on the edges or the center of the box, as for the child to get hurt. Now carefully tape the sides of the box, to make sure there won’t be any cuts on the fingers.
          The next step is to place the open cardboard box, on your stairs. And your annoying kids have a slide to play on for the day.
          They can also climb, backward for more fun.

        2. BITS OF PAPER

          Your child, just finished the art and craft project, and there are tiny bits of paper everywhere? And being the kid, they feel it is not their responsibility, to deal with it? And now as they have finally finished their homework, it is there to go and play? So that you are left with all the cleaning work to do, in addition to all the work you have already bestowed upon yourself? Well, the answer to how your kid will do the work, and also play the game can be a little intriguing.

          What you have to do is, with the help of a colorful tape, preferably decorative one, so that the kid is attracted towards it. Make a little square. Then hand over a toy broom to your child, and ask them to collect all the bits in the taped box, keeping the premise as to whoever finishes it under a minute gets a treat. (Keeping in mind the area of the room.) With this, not only the child finishes the work, but also gets to play.

        3. FIGHTS

          Fights among the siblings are the worst nightmare for every parent. So when they are busy fighting, and counting on you as referee, make sure you don’t be their intermediator and make it a GOLDEN RULE, to never say in between their fights. Children tend to hold on to your decision for a very long time and keep a grudge in the minds for the very same reason. The best thing to do would be to ask them to solve the issue on their own. But we very well know, how this would result in.
          For times like this, take out an old T-shirt of your husband (Or buy one, large enough, so that both your children can come in it.) On the T-shirt, write “Our get along T-shirt”, and make them wear it till the time they realize their mistake and are ready to apologize for the same.

        4. IN CARS

          Taking out your kid for the market, to run the errands, and don’t have time to pick up all the toys they would need when sitting at the back in the traffic. Tired of all the tantrums they play, when they just have to sit idle in a place with nowhere to go? Well, what about we make them a small playing room at the backseat of your car? Sounds scary and might great havoc? But it isn’t. Just hang a shoe caddy at the back of your seat, and keep all the dolls and toys of your child stacked up.
          This not only, helps the child to be occupied while you are driving or stuck in traffic but also doesn’t disturb you while driving. Drive safe!


          Who doesn’t love an Ice-Cream, after a long day? The summers can be really hard for everybody, and especially for the annoying kids when they want to run around the house and eat the ice-cream, at the same time. The melting of ice-cream, at various points in the house, can attract various incests, especially ants, which creates an un-hygienic environment for the children to grow it, and we all know how difficult it is to get rids of the ants. So why not create something, which won’t hamper your kid-friendly environment and at the same time let them run around the house as well. Use a muffin cup, to prevent the melting ice-cream to fall on the floor.


So gear up, to enjoy these easy hacks. And have the best time with your annoying kids!

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annoying kids
annoying kids