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Home Tuition in Chandigarh | Why it’s being preferred?

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Chandigarh. A city designed by Le Corbusier after independence happens to be one of the most planned and beautiful cities of India. The union territory is also called the ‘educational town’ due to well-known schools and the environment the city provides. Statistics say that students of Chandigarh are more advanced, broad minded, nature-friendly and smart. Surprisingly, it also is one of the biggest Home Tuition Markets in India. We explored the reasons behind it, Here are top reasons why Home Tuition in Chandigarh is such a big market.

Availability of Qualified Tutors

Chandigarh is home to many good colleges. In medical stream, they have Postgraduate Institute, Chandigarh. In engineering and arts, they have Punjab University, UICTE, CCET, UIET, and Chandigarh University. These colleges attract lots of youth from across India. Their preferred means of earning a pocket money is Home Tuition. As this requires no prior investment and timing is also flexible.

City Geography and connectivity  

Home Tuition in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is neither big nor small. It is a well-planned city with great public transport network and very less traffic. Hence commuting from one place to another is easy. Every sector has bus stops located within walking distance. Hence tutors can commute easily and cheaply.

High Per Capita Income

Home Tuition is a most efficient way of learning. The study says that 93% students get benefited with personalized attention. But since it is one on one learning it is more expensive than classroom coaching. Since Chandigarh has one of the highest per capita income in the country, parents want to give the best education to their children, hence home tuition is preferred.

Working Couples

Chandigarh mostly consists of nuclear families with both working parents. Hence dropping and picking up children is a big No No. Hence for convenience and time-saving parents prefer Home Tuitions,

High Competition

City schools boost of one of the best results in the country. Hence to be ahead in class parents give all sorts of tools to their wards which can help them succeed. With a Good Home Tutor, students can go through the course quickly, solve doubts on the go and do revisions on time. Hence Home Tuitions in Chandigarh is so big.  

Are you looking out for Home Tutors in Chandigarh?

Home Tuition in Chandigarh

Qriyo is India’s first managed Home Tuition app.  Qriyo provides Tutors For School Tuitions, All Subjects, Classes, and boards. We provide quality tutors from class 1st to 12th, for CBSE, ICSE and IB boards. All you need to do is download the Qriyo app, answer a few questions and we will provide the perfect tutor for you. You can take a demo and start learning!

The hassle free procedure also enables you to pay online. Not just this, your progress and attendance will be monitored. The best part is Qriyo provides this facility in the Tricity called Chandigarh too. The perfect environment as discussed above and the learning-made-easy method will satisfy your quench for learning for sure. If you don’t like the tutor, the company also offers for you to change him/her. The one stop solution point is India’s first fixed priced home tuition app.

Qriyo can be availed in several cities of India other than Chandigarh like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. So if you are looking for any type of tutoring in your city, visit right now and avail the one-on-one learning made easy with the best tutors at your doorstep. The company assures 97% customer satisfaction. Be a part now.

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  • Grishma

    Yeah true, many folks in my school take home tuitions. Would definitely like to try your services. Is it necessary to download the app

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