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How to become a freelancer and earn up to 6 figures a year?

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Do you have a skill that can potentially become an earning source for you? Remember your school days when everybody around you kept talking about personality development, skill development, extra-curricular activities? Well, those who cared and listened would now have at least one skill that can be a game changer for them. Instead of going for a sedentary 9-5 job, they have an option to live life on their own terms. Yes, freelancing, if done right, can generate money equivalent or even more than a good paying job. If you have such skill, then read on to find out exactly how to become a freelancer.

But, it is not for those who think life will be any easy if they freelance. You may need to devote more working hours than a normal job to make a living out of freelancing, it is just as hard (if not more) as a job. The only difference is, freelancing is your own choice and you become your own boss. This brings me to the biggest drawback of freelancing, i.e., inability to create a pressure on yourself.A freelancer earns according to the work done by her and if she fails to motivate herself to do enough work for a decent income, she will eventually drop the idea of freelancing. Therefore, a freelancer should act like a businessman and treat the business as the top priority. This is in fact, the short and sweet answer to how to become a freelancer.

How to become a freelancer?

This completely depends on your skill-set. If your skill can be used to render services online, then these are the best portals out there:


    Fiverr is one of the largest online platforms that offer a plethora of freelancing opportunities from clients all over the world. It allows you to make your gigs that are basically the packages that you offer. If you are a writer/blogger (with good SEO skills), just make your gig. A gig is like an online product, the better the presentation, the higher chances of converting a lead. I offer video editing services on Fiverr and it took 56 applications to finally convert one lead. This must give you an idea that freelancing on Fiverr is not a piece of cake. Fiverr is just and answer to “where to start freelancing?”. But about how to become a freelancer who gets orders?

    Why can’t you get an order on Fiverr easily?

    Well, Fiverr is saturated with a lot of pro freelancers with 5-star reviews on their gigs. Suppose you are a buyer, looking for a video editor for your YouTube videos. You fire up Fiverr website and start looking for suitable candidates. You will see hundreds of pro freelancers with thousands of satisfied clients. At that moment, you will certainly be impressed with one or more freelancers and place the order.

    But, what about a skilled video editor who just signed up on Fiverr? He won’t ever be discovered by the buyers.

    What is the scope for new freelancers on Fiverr?

    When a buyer can’t find a suitable freelancer for work he wants to be done, he has this option of creating a buyer request. In a buyer request, it is mentioned what type of work the buyer requires, and allows the freelancers to bid for that work. The bid includes the price, delivery time, and other crucial information. The buyer gets a lot of bids and he then chooses one of them to work with.

    It is still very tough to get an order though buyer requests

    When you bid on a request, the buyer goes to your profile and sees your gig. And, that’s when he finds out that you are a new seller who doesn’t have any reviews/ratings yet. The buyer is now skeptical and chooses to be on a safer side and therefore, he will order from someone who has reviews on his Fiverr Gig.

    So how can a newbie get an order on Fiverr then?

    The best way for a newbie to get orders on Fiverr is through the buyer requests. Yes.

    The bid also allows you to write a short message to the buyer and that’s where the magic lies. The first rule, do not ever think that you are a pro and would charge as per your wish. You may or may not be a pro, but you are definitely a rookie in the eyes of buyers of Fiverr. So, if the buyer requires some work, make an offer he can’t refuse.

    I’ll tell you how I got my  first order

    I targeted those buyers who required video editing of more than one videos. I did so to offer them one edited video for free of cost. Normally buyers have to pay and place the order on Fiverr and then the freelancer starts working on the project. But, I wrote in my bid, that I will give them one video for free which will include my watermark to protect my work. If they like my work, they are free to place the order and I will deliver the final work by removing my watermark.

    This way, the buyers’ money remains protected and they do not have anything to lose by trusting a new freelancer. Even then, it took 56 bids to finally convert one. I converted one request by offering one video absolutely free of cost (without my watermark) because the client had 10 videos to be edited. So, basically, I decided to give a 10% discount to them.

    You have to offer them something they can feel safe about. No buyer will ever want to test a new freelancer by risking their time and money.

    If you are a writer, things will be more difficult for you. But you can show them your past work and get them trust you. Offer them one free article as a sample, you may have to work for free to get an order.

    Pro tip: Since reviews and ratings matter a lot on Fiverr, don’t forget to ask your buyers for a good rating and a review on your Fiverr gig. The reviews you have, the higher your chances of getting discovered and making it big on Fiverr.

    It is not just a side income, it can be The income if you are serious enough. Just look at the top sellers on Fiverr, their number of reviews and their Gig price, you will get the idea of how much they have made till now.

    How to become a freelancer? I hope I explained it in detail about how to get started and overcome challenges.

  2. UpWork

    Upwork is also a freelancer portal just like Fiverr. You are required to beautifully craft your profile for the buyers to see. You are also required to fulfill all the eligibility criteria just like Fiverr. Here, you don’t have gigs, it’s just your profile and your skills. You will see a good number of buyer requirements to which you have to apply and make your custom offers. Again, follow the Fiverr technique to convert requests into orders.


    Yet another useful website that can get you good freelancing business. Getting orders on all platforms is a daunting task which requires sales/convincing skills. You have to sacrifice a bit by giving attractive discounts and freebies during the initial stage.

  4. Start your own blog

    If you are good at SEO and content writing, you can start your own blog. The most popular free blogging services are and To generate money from your blog, you need to use those SEO skills of yours to reach the masses from all over the world. Once you are able to generate massive traffic to your blog, you can then offer your services. For instance, if you have a fitness blog that gets over 2 million people every month, you can start giving online coaching to your readers. If you are really good at social media marketing and your blog is also about this niche, you can offer your expertise to big corporates around the world.

    With a blog that reaches millions of people every month, companies will trust you, and you will have more business coming your way than you could single-handedly handle. However, one must keep learning with a dedication to achieve this level through blogging. It is easier written than done, but not impossible if done right. Follow Neil Patel on YouTube to learn more about taking your blog to new heights. The different ways to earn from blogging is explained here, but offering expert services is the best way earn from blogging.

Want to become an offline freelancer?

Download this Home Tuition App (QRIYO) that lets you teach your expertise as a home tuition in your locality. If you want to teach academics, you will find buyer requests of academics home tuition in your area to which you can apply and start giving home tuitions. You can teach any skill through Qriyo, be it guitar, piano, dancing, Zumba, yoga, personality development, public speaking, aptitude preparation, etc.  Just your preferred timing and area to which you can travel the most and the app will show you buyer requests accordingly. Amazing, right?

So now you know how to become a freelancer. What are you waiting for? Get going.

how to become a freelancer
how to become a freelancer